Unique Places To Visit In Bengaluru

Unique Places To Visit In Bengaluru

Bengaluru is famously called the “Silicon Valley” of India. Major IT companies worldwide have set up their offices in Bengaluru. Also, many Indian IT companies and startups have chosen this city to start their business. That’s why individuals from all over the world are moving to Bengaluru for good job opportunities. On the other hand, the renowned cardiologist Devi Shetty’s chain of hospitals is in Bengaluru. Many people visit Bengaluru every year for health checkups and surgeries under his supervision.

For the two reasons mentioned above, Bengaluru is a hot spot for tourism and hospitality. This blog will discuss some unique places to visit in Bengaluru including how to get there, where to stay, what to eat and Bengaluru travel costs.

So, let’s dig in.

Unique Places To Visit In Bengaluru

Some Unique places to visit in Bengaluru are:

Cubbon Park

The “Silicon Valley” of India, Bengaluru was originally called the city of gardens. The city is full of beautiful public parks and gardens for its residents to enjoy and have a nice walk on. One of these parks is Cubbon Park. It’s one of the biggest parks in Bengaluru. Stretched across 300 acres, this park is the “lungs” of the city. Lush greeneries and some rare plants and herbs cover the area. The park area consists of a museum, Karnataka High Court, and a memorial hall. Besides these, there is a statue of its founder Mark Cubbon inside the park.

Lalbagh Botanical Garden

The Lalbagh Botanical Garden in Bengaluru was created by Tipu Sultan. He stunned everyone by bringing rare and beautiful plants from France, Persia (now Iran), and Afghanistan to his garden. Over time, the government declared it a national botanical garden of India. He made a beautiful glass house which houses lots of rare flora and fauna. Every year, the authorities hold a flower exhibition inside the glass house in January and August when the flowers are in full bloom. Besides this, there is a 3,000-year-old rock stone on exhibit.

Bannerghatta National Park

One of the most significant national parks in India is Bannerghatta National Park. It was formed in 1970 and was declared a national park in 1974. The park is huge with 260 kilometres in range. A particular area in the park works as a natural reserve where wild animals roam freely and tourists can see them closely through safari jeeps. There are some ancient temples inside the area where local villagers pray. There are 6 villages in the area where the villagers breed and raise cows and sheep.

Lumbini Gardens

Next on our list of unique places to visit in Bengaluru is Lumbini Gardens. It operates as both a water and an eco-park. It extends around 1.5 kilometres. There is a lake where you can take a boat ride, a swimming pool to swim, and various rides to enjoy. Children will love the place as it offers numerous activities for them. The landscape is beautiful with a soothing environment. The park is full of greeneries. Around 5,000 people can visit the park at once. Locals use the premises to arrange parties and get-togethers.

Bengaluru Palace

Bengaluru Palace is a royal palace inspired by Windsor Castle in England. It used to be a concert venue as some of the greatest musicians and bands in the world performed on the premises. But now it is a major tourist spot in Bengaluru and tourists can visit the palace by paying entry fees. The palace compound is on a massive 454-acre land and consists of 34 bedrooms, an amusement park, and a swimming pool. The palace building itself stands on 1-acre land and there are many watch towers around it to ensure safety and protection. The interior of the palace is rich with intricate woodwork, beautiful paintings and motifs.

Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace

Tipu Sultan built a summer palace in Bengaluru called Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace to avoid the heat and enjoy the summer season. The castle is two-storeyed with 160 pillars. There are 4 rooms on the second storey. The palace is open from two sides to allow the air to pass freely without obstacles. It keeps the palace cold during summer. There are two hanging balconies in the palace. After Tipu Sultan’s death, the castle went to the Britishers who then started using it as their administrative headquarters. Now it is open for tourists to visit. There is a beautiful flower garden in front of the palace.

How To Travel To Bengaluru

To visit Bengaluru, you need to apply for an Indian visa online. For visa-related help and inquiries, call us at +88-09617-111-888 or contact us for visa processing services. 

Popular airlines flying from Dhaka to Bengaluru are Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Vistara, Indigo Air, SpiceJet etc. Most of them offer daily flights from Dhaka to Bengaluru via Kolkata or Delhi. Check prices and book the cheapest tickets through Flight Expert. Try to book the tickets at least 15 days before your visit to ensure the best price.

It takes approximately 5 hours to reach Bengaluru including transit. Try to spend at least 3-5 days in Bengaluru if you want to experience the true essence of the city.

Where To Stay In Bengaluru

The best hotels in Bengaluru are:

Mid-range hotels in Bengaluru cost around BDT 7,000. There are also budget hotels which cost BDT 900-1,000 if you want to try them. Also, there are student hostels for single travellers which are available at a very low price.

What To Eat In Bengaluru

If you want to taste authentic South Indian cuisine, you have to visit Bangalore. Idli, Vada and Dosa are the most famous South Indian items of Bengaluru. These are easy to find, affordable, and very delicious to eat. They are usually served with “Samvar” and “Coconut Chutney”. Apart from these, Mangalore Bun, Vada Pav, Uttapam, Sandwich, Paratha, Kebabs, Gobi Manchurian, Chat, and Pani Puri are famous street foods of Bengaluru. 

How Much Does It Cost To Visit Bengaluru?

Bengaluru travel cost from Bangladesh looks something like this-

Return Plane Fare - 25,000 - 30,000 BDT per person 

Room Rent Per Night - 6,000-7,000 BDT

Sim Card - 1,200 BDT

Food- 1,500 BDT (per day)

So, the total cost for your Bengaluru trip (excluding transport costs and entry fees) will be approximately 70,000 BDT per person (for 5 days). But you can reduce the cost by opting for cheaper hotels and having cheaper meals.

To Conclude,

Now you know which are the most unique places to visit in Bengaluru. I hope we’ve answered all your questions regarding your Bengaluru trip. Visit flightexpert.com to check for flights from Dhaka to Bengaluru. Call us at +88-09617-111-888 or contact us for flight booking and visa processing services.

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