Top Beaches Of Lebanon

Top Beaches Of Lebanon

Lebanon, a Mediterranean-lapped coast with rugged alpine peaks, beautiful beaches, and green fertile valleys, is a perfect holiday destination. If you are planning to explore the beauty of beaches then Lebanon offers you the best beaches that will definitely impress you. The white sand, clear blue water with alpine peaks, and many interesting things to do would surely turn your entire tour awe-full. Visiting Lebanon is always as amazing as the beauty of this place is tremendously alluring. Scroll below to know the top beaches of Lebanon.

Every day is the perfect beach day in Lebanon as the weather here is pleasant most of the time. Many travelers every year visit this place to explore and witness the beauty of the beaches here. Lebanon is at the top of the list of travelers as the beaches here are marvelous that not only offer beautiful scenarios but also a lot of interesting things to do and enjoy. If you have not visited Lebanon then it's high time to witness the beauty of this place by exploring the stunning beaches.

Top Beaches of Lebanon

Lebanon is also a place that provides a complete package to the visitor to enjoy the beauty of the place, the sandy beaches with clear water and water sports turn the tour to Lebanon amazing. Below are the extraordinary, stunning top beaches of Lebanon, check them out.

Tyre Public Beach

Tyre Beach in Lebanon is known as one of the most beautiful and cleanest beaches. There are no charges to have entry at this beach all the tourists admire the beach for its soft sand and unaltered crisp blue shore which the crystal clear water the beach looks stunning. You can also enjoy a road trip around and explore more beauty of the beach and the places around that will add more fun to your vacations.

Lazy B

This beach will bring out the most carefree lazy vibes, this beach looks like a dreamy beach and features a sandy shore, three natural creeks, and two dazzling swimming pools. The green spaces on this beach soothe the mind and offer the most dazzling sunsets you will see in Lebanon, If you are visiting Lebanon then this beach is a must-visit destination. This place is the best blend of adventure and luxury.

Benny Beach

Located in Chekka, Lebanon's northern coast this beach is so beautiful and astonishing or also known as a hidden gem. The entrance fee is low and you will get to enjoy a sandy gorgeous coast. This beach offers beautiful scenarios to the visitors which are quite imposing and the tourists as well make sure not to miss a visit to this beach.

  • Beautiful beach with sandy coast.
  • The fee of entry is quite low.
  • Most imposing beach.

White Beach Lebanon

White beach with gorgeous rocky coast is the most stunning beach to visit. This beach is quite clean, and relaxed, and does not get overcrowded. The entrance fee is also low and you-you also gets to enjoy the delicious food around as the restaurants and cafes are all near to this beach and will serve you the best cuisines.


This beach bar or cool sailor's school is located in Batroun and managed by the Lebanese Yacht Club. The pebbly and sandy coast is quite interesting with a lot of fun. The beach will offer a party club where you can enjoy with your friends and also get to enjoy the food served by this beach bar itself. There are no entrance fees for this beach so you can enjoy it here without any hassle.

  • A beach with shining sand.
  • Will offer you a beach bar.
  • There is no entrance fee.

Pierre & Friends

This beach is ranked as one of the best beach bars in the world, it's a cool gateway for ay filled with the sun, adventure, and food. You will be overwhelmed with the beauty of this beach. The DJ begins to play infectious beach tunes which will turn out your day amazing which one would like to continue till night. You can also enjoy the distinctive cuisines, and drinks, and dance along to the beats o waves crashing against the stunning shore.

Therefore, you can go to these astonishing, beautiful beaches in Lebanon and enjoy your holidays to the fullest. The amazing scenarios will charm your eyes with a lot of adventurous things to do and delicious food to enjoy. Also, browse for the best hotel and flight deals. Or call us at +88-09617-111-888 or email us: at [email protected].

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