Top Tourist Attractions In Frankfurt

Top Tourist Attractions In Frankfurt

Frankfurt, one of the most expensive cities in Germany is known for its high living standard and beauty. The city attracts people all around the world. It is the largest city of Hesse one of the federal states of Germany. Frankfurt's Airport is the largest in Germany. There are Top Tourist Attractions in Frankfurt, Germany that we will here discuss.

Germany's largest forest is in Frankfurt. It was basically the center of the Holy Roman empires in ancient times. The city is famous for 20 hectares of palm gardens, where there are plants from every climate and zone on the planet. Frankfurt is the best place to visit if you are planning on a holiday. Many people go for a tour in Frankfurt, which leaves them amazed by the beauty and standard of the city. It attracts millions of people with the largest automobile, music, publishing industry show, etc. to name a few of them.

Top Tourist Attractions In Frankfurt

Frankfurt is famous among millions of tourists worldwide. It would not be wrong to call it a worldly city with different tastes and diversity as it is estimated to be home to 180 different nationalities. The city exceeds the expectations of tourists with its immense beauty. The beauty of Frankfurt goes to the next level at night. With shimmering lights, the city seems to swim in sparkling stars. Let us have a brief description of the best Tourist Attractions in Frankfurt.

The Romerberg: Frankfurt's Old Town Center

The justice Fountain in the heart of Frankfurt's old town, it's Irregular Square. It is the city's busiest zone for pedestrians and tourists. With 11 lovely buildings, it is also one of the most attractive places in Europe. There is also a town hall and historical museum as well which includes Frankfurt's rich medieval cultural history as well. This will make your trip worth visiting here. The most beautiful city with amazing places is something which attracts tourists a lot.

The Palm Garden

54 acres Palm Garden is the largest botanic garden in Germany. It attracts performers and artists all around the world. There are a number of greenhouses with tropical and subtropical plants. It also serves as a picnic spot including boating and a playground for children. A telecommunication tower Europium is also known as the tower of Europe. It's worth visiting the tower at least once on your trip.

The Museum District

Europe's most ethnological museums are here in this place. With 65000 artifacts, founded in 1904, on the south bank of the river is the first-rate collection museum. The Museum of ancient Sculptures has a large collection of Asian, Greek, Egyptian, and Roman sculptures. Another Museum is the German Architectural Museum offers architectural designs, drawings, and models. And then there is the film Museum with the history of cinema.

St. Bartholomew's Cathedral

Build with red sandstone in gothic design between the 13th to 15th centuries. Designed as an imperial cathedral, it is one of the most attractive churches with its unique design and red stonework on it. There is a Crucifixion by Hans Backoffen. Another attraction is the grave slab of King Günther von. And many carved alters inside. The church will provide you with an amazing view. It is worth visiting here for obvious reasons now.

Things to Do In Frankfurt

Heidelburg is one of the charming places to visit which is also regarded as one of the most romantic cities. But if romance isn't on your mind right now, then there are other tons of places that you can visit and do amazing things. Some of them are mentioned below in the list.

  • Frankfurt hop on hop off tour, explore Frankfurt in the red double-decker bus. Give you marvelous views of Frankfurt city. Just sit over and enjoy the complete loop of the city.
  • Rhine Valley Half-Day Tour with Wine Tasting & Dinner, enjoy your tour in the upper middle of Rhine valley. Explore the countryside with the cruise. With delicious dinner and restaurants around.
  • Full-Day Wartburg Castle & Martin Luther History Tour. Explore the legacy of Martin Luther. Enjoy the time wandering the amazing town.
  • On the river main cruise sightseeing. Take a spectacular view from the best vantage point. It is tremendously beautiful sightseeing from the cruise to Frankfurt.

Hotels in Frankfurt

If having a tour to Frankfurt then you must choose the best hotel for yourself where you will go to stay for days. Frankfurt with its high living standard has many wells renounced and standardized hotels. Here we are providing you with the list of the best hotels in Frankfurt.

  • Hotel NH Frankfurt Villa.
  • Meininger Hotel, Frankfurt.
  • Steigenberger Hotel, Frankfurt.
  • Novotel Hotel Frankfurt City.
  • Miramar Hotel, Frankfurt.

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