Documents You Need For Air Travel

Documents You Need For Air Travel

Traveling is the most exciting and interesting part of anyone's life. And the preparations that we indulge in before traveling bring even more excitement. But what most people miss out on while traveling is their travel documents. Therefore, to avoid you from making that mistake, here we have brought the list of the top documents you need for air travel.

Before you think to travel, exploring, and enjoying making sure that you have all the necessary documents in your hand is important. Carrying the documents while traveling will be a great help, you will not face any hurdles with documents and can enjoy and explore any part of the world. Your documents are your identity and carrying your identity in any corner of the world will be beneficial for you only. Let's discuss what documents you need for air travel.

Important documents that you need for air travel 

Well, we have discussed a bit about the need for documents during air travel is important, now we need to know what sort of documents one required while air traveling and how can these documents can help you out in any country or region. The essential documents in your carry bag will let you enjoy your trip while air traveling. Here are the essential documents for air travel. 


A passport is a first and major document without which you cannot do international air travel anywhere. Apply for a passport if you already haven't so that you could be able to travel anywhere as it is the first and most important document. And if you have one then take care of the expiry date and make sure that you do its renewal from time to time.

Have a copy of your passport as well, share the copy of your passport with your travel partner, one at home and try to have a soft copy of it as well this will help to recover easily if in case the original is misplaced.  Below mentioned are some of the other details about carrying a passport while traveling.

  • You do not need a passport for domestic travel but other identifications are important.
  • A passport is an important part of international travel, so do not forget to carry it along with you.
  • Different countries have different rules for carrying passports when it comes to children or teenagers' travel. You would need a passport if you are under 18 and a birth certificate as proof for the babies.


Visa is a stamp that permits one to enter a country for a specific period. A Visa stamp is a conditional permission with which you can travel to the particular country of which you have got the visa and explore freely for a time period. Some countries provide visas for entry, so check the country you plan to visit whether it provides an entry visa. As the visa process takes time so make sure to apply for a visa application on time.  And make sure you carry them while traveling.

Forex card/ foreign currency

Rather than using the debit credit card to carry the local currency of the country, it will help to ignore the conversion fees abroad. You can also have a forex travel card to exchange your money for foreign currency. A Forex card is a convenient way of carrying foreign currency. This will help you to make money transactions abroad.

Air ticket

If you are planning to visit the spot where a number of tourist visitors from all over the world visit. And it is a peak time then the rates of air tickets must be very high, so try and make your tickets book before that because advance booking will provide you cheaper rates. Always carry a copy of your air ticket with you and if possible keep a soft copy of it as well.

Proof of accommodation / Hotel Booking

Most of the countries ask for accommodation proof for verification if you are on a tourist visa or on a visa on arrival. Keep a copy of accommodation proof or hotel booking with you, or if the invitation of a relative or friend who resides there. Just in case the original one is misplaced you should have a copy of the same with you.

Travel Insurance

For medical emergencies trip cancellation lost luggage or any other emergencies which could on the trip. Well, it is not mandatory but it is good for your well-being if you take travel insurance. You can have a worry-less travel experience with travel insurance.


These are the documents which are a must for air travel, traveling is always exciting and fun and if you will do it in a responsible way it could add more fun to your trip and you will be able to explore and enjoy the place freely and make yourself relax.

By Rahat Muna

Thinker & Designer

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