New York Travel Guide: Things To Do And Places To Visit

New York Travel Guide: Things To Do And Places To Visit

Known as the “Big Apple”, New York is the biggest and most populated city in the United States of America. New York is considered a global village because you can find people from all countries and cultures here in this one place. That’s what makes it the global epicentre of diversity. It is one of the most desired places to visit in the world. 

New York is the most cosmopolitan city of all. This glittery heaven is perfect for a 3-5 day trip. The city has so many things to see and do. Yes, it’s a bit expensive but you can easily follow some basic rules to save money while visiting. 

This New York Travel Guide will discuss places to visit in New York, how to go to New York, where to stay, when is the best time to visit, and travel costs.

New York Travel Guide: Things To Do And Places To Visit 

Here are the things to do and places to visit in New York:

Times Square

The first thing tourists usually do after arriving in New York is visit Times Square. You may have seen this place in numerous Hollywood movies. It is a prime spot in New York where thousands of people gather every day to experience the “city that never sleeps”. Yes, Times Square is always awake, always bursting with energy.

Visit the place at night and you’ll see the flashy billboards and roadside artists performing their art (dancing, singing, doing magic etc). It is a must-visit if you’re a first-timer. At midnight, the billboards turn the place into a digital art exhibition by displaying fine modern art. And if you’re fortunate enough to visit NY during New Year’s Eve, then you can enjoy the famous Ball Drop event at exactly 12 am.

Central Park

In the middle of the cosmopolitan city, there is Central Park– a completely manmade park stretching across 843 acres. It is one of the largest parks in the world with artificial lakes, waterfalls, and meadows surrounded by tree-covered areas. You can easily spare a whole day to spend here. It is an ideal place to rest your mind and unwind. 

If you have kids, bring them as well as there are many activities for kids too. Set up a picnic basket and bring a bedsheet, and you are ready to go. This iconic park is frequented by many celebrities, so if you’re lucky you can even get to meet one!

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty, situated on Liberty Island, is probably the most famous sculpture in the whole world. It was a gift from the people of France to the USA. The copper statue is of the Roman Goddess of Liberty wearing a robe and holding a tablet in one hand and a torch in the other. 

To get to the Statue of Liberty you'll need to get on a ferry. You can buy a ticket from and get access to round-trip ferry services, museums, and audio guides.

The view from the crown of the statue is simply fabulous. It goes without saying that the Statue of Liberty is a must-visit on your trip to New York.  

9/11 Memorial

Next on our New York travel guide is the 9/11 Memorial. Remember the US World Trade Centre terrorist attack that happened on 9th September 2001 and killed 2,977 people? 9/11 Memorial is designed to commemorate the memories of the thousands of innocent souls who died a tragic death that day. 

If you decide to pay your respects and visit the memorial, then you’ll find two massive pools sitting right where the Twin Towers used to be. Bronze panels surround the pools and the names of the martyrs are inscribed on them. The place will remind you of the supreme sacrifices made by the police, detectives, first responders, medical assistants, and fire units.

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge is a unique bridge that connects Manhattan and Brooklyn. It is situated on the East River and is one of the most visited bridges in New York City. Thousands of locals and tourists cross this bridge every day. There is a 2 km long walkway on the bridge where you can walk and there’s a bicycle lane beside the walkway for the bikers. 

The view from the bridge is very picturesque and you can take as many photos as you want. The best time to visit the bridge is during sunrise when there’s the best golden light and fewer people on the bridge. It takes 30 minutes to walk across the bridge.

Museum of Modern Art

The first thing we want to tell you about the Museum of Modern Art in New York is that Fridays are free nights! Visit the museum free of cost on Fridays from 4 to 8 pm. Yes, it will be crowded but if you want to save money, this is the way to do it. 

The Museum of Modern Art’s fifth floor is full of impressionist paintings by famous painters Monet, Van Gogh, and Rothko. The museum is massive so start with the fifth floor. That way, you won’t miss the most popular and beautiful paintings. Monet’s “Water Lillies” and Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” are the focal point of this museum. 

Also, if you love dinosaurs and are a history buff in general then give the American Museum of Natural History a try! It is considered to be an exciting experience, especially for kids. Entry is free in this museum. 

How To Go There

To visit New York, you need to apply for a US tourist visa. Here are the US tourist visa requirements. For visa-related help and inquiries, call us at +88-09617-111-888 or contact us for visa processing services.

Popular airlines offering Dhaka to New York flights are Gulf Air, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Kuwait Airways, Etihad Airways, Turkish Airlines Inc, British Airways, and Finnair. Most of them offer daily flights from Dhaka to New York. Check Dhaka to New York flight ticket prices and book tickets through Flight Expert. Try to book the tickets at least a month before your visit to ensure the lowest price.

It takes approximately 23 hours including transit to reach New York. Try to spend at least 5 days in Paris if you want to experience the true spirit of the city.

Where To Stay

Here are the best budget hotels in New York to stay with your family:

Hotel Pergola

JFK Inn- Hotel JFK Airport New York

Neptune Hotel

SuperLake Hotel

Hudson Plaza Motel

How Much Does It Cost To Visit New York

New York travel cost from Bangladesh looks something like this-

Return Plane Fare - 1,87,000 BDT (approx.) per person 

Hotel - 10,000-12,000 BDT (lowest rate)

Sim Card - 4,000 BDT

Food- 1,000 BDT per meal

So, the total cost for your New York trip (excluding transport and other costs) will be approximately 2,96,000 BDT (per person).


We hope this New York travel guide has answered all your questions regarding your visit to New York. Visit to check for flights from Dhaka to New York. Call us at +88-09617-111-888 or contact us for flight booking and visa processing services.

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