10 Countries Where You Can Get On-Arrival Visas from Bangladesh

10 Countries Where You Can Get On-Arrival Visas from Bangladesh

Are you a Bangladeshi traveller with wanderlust? The good news is that the world is full of incredible destinations waiting to be explored. Even better, many countries offer the convenience of on-arrival visas for Bangladeshi passport holders. These visas make your travel dreams more accessible and hassle-free. 

At Flight Expert, we're here to help you discover the 10 countries where you can get on-arrival visas from Bangladesh.

So, let’s dig in. 

Countries Where You Can Get On-Arrival Visas from Bangladesh: What's an On-Arrival Visa?

An on-arrival visa, also known as a visa-on-arrival (VOA), is a travel document that you can obtain upon your arrival in a foreign country. It simplifies the visa application process, making it quicker and more convenient for travellers. While not all countries offer on-arrival visas to Bangladeshi passport holders, there are quite a few that do. 

Here are 10 exciting destinations you can explore with an on-arrival visa:

  1. Nepal

Nepal, home to the mesmerizing Himalayas, is right on our doorstep. With an on-arrival visa, you can explore the stunning landscapes, ancient temples, and vibrant culture of this neighbouring country. Don't forget to experience the magic of Mount Everest while you're there!

  1. Maldives

The Maldives is a paradise for beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts. With an on-arrival visa, you can soak up the sun, relax in luxury resorts, and snorkel in crystal-clear waters. It's a tropical dream come true!

  1. Bhutan

Bhutan, the "Land of the Thunder Dragon," is a captivating Himalayan kingdom that has gained recognition for its stunning natural beauty, majestic mountain landscapes, and deep-rooted Buddhist culture. The country's unique charm lies not only in its picturesque scenery but also in its commitment to preserving its cultural and environmental heritage.

  1. Sri Lanka

Just a short flight away, Sri Lanka offers a diverse range of experiences. From the historic city of Kandy to the pristine beaches of Mirissa, an on-arrival visa makes it easier for you to explore this island nation's beauty and culture. The citizens of all SAARC countries including Bangladeshis can visit Sri Lanka with an on-arrival visa but you need to obtain an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization).

  1. Egypt

Experience the wonders of ancient Egypt, from the pyramids of Giza to the temples of Luxor. With an on-arrival visa, you can step back in time and explore the historical treasures of this incredible country. N.B - The Egyptian government has introduced an on-arrival visa for Bangladeshi citizens, but only those who have valid used visas or residence permits from Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, the United Kingdom and European countries of the Schengen area on their passports are eligible for the on-arrival visa at any port of entry in Egypt.

  1. Tanzania

Tanzania is home to the iconic Serengeti National Park and the stunning island of Zanzibar. With an on-arrival visa, you can embark on an unforgettable safari and unwind on pristine beaches.

  1. Barbados

Barbados, a Caribbean gem, welcomes you with its sun-kissed shores, turquoise waters, and vibrant coral reefs. Dive into a rich tapestry of culture, from lively festivals to colonial architecture. With a warm breeze and rum punch in hand, Barbados embodies the ultimate tropical escape.

  1. Fiji

Fiji, a South Pacific paradise, is enticed by its pristine white-sand beaches, crystal-clear lagoons, and vibrant coral gardens. Immerse yourself in traditional Fijian culture, where warm smiles and island rhythms are a way of life. With its natural beauty and friendly locals, Fiji offers a slice of heaven on Earth.

  1. Bahamas

The Bahamas, an idyllic archipelago in the Atlantic, allures with its powder-soft beaches, electric blue waters, and abundant marine life. Immerse yourself in island culture, from colourful festivals to flavorful seafood cuisine. With its natural beauty and endless aquatic adventures, the Bahamas promises a tropical paradise for all.

  1. Cook Islands

The Cook Islands, a South Pacific haven, captivate with their secluded white-sand beaches, turquoise lagoons, and lush tropical landscapes. Embrace Polynesian culture through dance, art, and warm island hospitality. With its unspoiled beauty and friendly locals, the Cook Islands offer an intimate escape into paradise.

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To Conclude,

So, these are the 10 countries where you can get on-Arrival visas from Bangladesh. With an on-arrival visa in hand, your journey begins as soon as you step off the plane. Start exploring the world and savouring the flavours of diverse cultures. Your adventure awaits, and Flight Expert is here to assist you on this exciting path of discovery.

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