12 Best Things To Do In London And Places To Visit

12 Best Things To Do In London And Places To Visit

One of the most visited cities in the world, London, is a traveller’s dream destination. Its rich history and aristocratic culture distinguish it from all other cities. If you love palaces, museums, fine art, and exquisite architecture as well as lovely houses and spirited vibes, then you must visit London. The city stands on the river Thames which makes it more beautiful. 

In this blog, we’ve decided to share the best things to do in London and places to visit on your trip to the capital of the UK. 

12 Best Things To Do In London And Places To Visit

Here are the best things to do in London UK and places to visit:

  1. Visit Buckingham Palace

The first thing anyone does when they reach London is visit Buckingham Palace. After the demise of Queen Elizabeth, Charles– the new King of England resides here. All the tourists assemble before the palace to witness the “Changing of the Guard” ceremony. It is quite a sight to watch, honestly. But be ready to face the crowd as hundreds of people gather in front of the palace during the ceremony. Make sure to learn the timings of the ceremony before heading to the palace. 

  1. Visit The Tower of London

The Tower of London holds a 900-year-old history of both joyful and grim events. This historical structure is a former palace and prison. Now it is the official home of the crown jewels. The massive collection consists of 23,578 gemstones including the sacred objects that are used in the coronations of kings and queens. The admission fee is £29.90 and you’ll get free guided tours on the premises. There is a lot to see including the ravens, the war armour of the kings, etc. 

  1. See Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge or London Bridge is one of the most beautiful bridges in Europe. Its truly spectacular architecture is worth pondering. The best views of the bridge can be seen from the boats on the river. So you can take a boat ride on the river and enjoy a breezy afternoon. 

Or else, there are lots of cafes and restaurants on both sides of the bridge. You can sit there, and have a cup of the famous afternoon tea of London along with traditional scones and cupcakes and finally take a picture of yourself with the bridge in the background. If you want to get inside the tower, ticket prices are £11.40 to get to the walkway, glass floors, and engine room. 

  1. Visit Westminster Abbey

The most beautiful church in London, Westminister Abbey is the official venue of all the major royal weddings. You must’ve seen Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s, Prince William and Princess Kate’s wedding. Both of these weddings happened here in this very church. The Neo-Gothic church is an architectural marvel with stunning and intricate designs. The entry fee to the church is £27 for adults. Get there early as there is usually a long queue at the entry point. 

  1. Visit the Palace of Westminster And Big Ben

Just a kilometre away from Buckingham Palace is the Palace of Westminster. This massive palace houses Westminster Hall- UK’s parliament house. After the great fire of 1834, the palace was rebuilt. Its exquisite gothic architecture is breathtaking and makes for a great tourist attraction. Beside the palace is the famous Big Ben- the massive clock tower of London. But Big Ben is under construction right now, so you can’t really see it.

  1. Enjoy The London Eye

Next on our things to do in London is experience the famous London Eye. The London Eye is the largest Ferris wheel in the world. It was built in 1999 on the bank of Thames. It stands 135 meters high and gives a 360-degree panoramic view of up to 25 kilometres of the city in all directions. That’s why it is called the “London Eye”. The tickets cost £32.50 per adult. 

  1. Visit Churchill War Rooms

Visiting Churchill War Rooms is like walking into a top-secret war base. The rooms represent WWII days– this is where Winston Churchill and his fellow politicians sat and made life-changing decisions during the war. The room is left as it is. Everything is where Churchill and his mates left them after the war was finished. It is not a public museum so you have to pay entry fees to access the rooms. The entry fee is £26.35 for adults.

  1. Visit National Gallery

The National Gallery is in the famous Trafalgar Square area. Access is free so you don’t need tickets to enter here. It is an art museum that houses a massive collection of around 2,300 paintings dating back from the 13th to the 19th Century. The building’s architecture was inspired by the Greek Pantheon. The National Gallery is full of beautiful paintings and artefacts. It is a must-visit in London.

  1. Visit The British Museum

Another must-visit on your trip to London is the British Museum. It is the first public museum in England. The museum focuses on history, art, and culture. One of the most notable objects in the museum is the Rosetta Stone from Egypt. Millions of visitors visit the British Museum every year. Entry is free. So just check the timetables before you plan to visit there. 

  1. Promenade Across Hyde Park

Hyde Park is one of the most beautiful parks in the world. It is intricately designed and covers a massive area of 350 acres. The park often holds concerts, social parties, and various community meetings. It is an ideal place to rest, relax, and contemplate. It is a great escape from the concrete jungle of London. Just grab a book and pick a big tree to lay down and participate in some light reading around lush greenery.

  1. Visit Kensington Palace

Next on our list of things to do in London is Kensington Palace. This is where the young royals live. It was also the birthplace of Queen Victoria, so it is a historically significant place. The entrance fee is £20 for adults. The palace is beautiful with a lush garden around it which is called Kensington Gardens. You can sense the vibrant life that the young royals lead in the palace and how it shapes their lives.

  1. Stroll Around Soho, Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Street

When in London, visiting the Soho area is a must to take in the real vibe of the city. Take a walk from the premium shopping area around Oxford Street along Regent Street through Piccadilly Circus. The Statue of Eros, numerous souvenir shops, and other retail shops along the footpaths around Piccadilly Circus are worth taking a peek at. Piccadilly Circus is an active site in the center of the West End area and a great place for tourists to spend time in London!

When Is The Best Time To Visit London?

London weather is mostly gloomy with lots of rain throughout the year. Winter is full of snowfall and hostile weather. So, the best time to visit London is from September to November as the temperatures are comparably gentle before the Winter starts. However, Spring to Summer is the peak season for tourists, and flight and hotel prices are usually high. So if you want to travel cheaper and face less crowd, then visit London during Autumn.

How To Travel To London?

To visit London, you need to apply for the UK visit visa. Here are the UK visa requirements. For visa-related help and inquiries, call us at +88-09617-111-888 or contact us for visa processing services. 

Popular airlines flying from Bangladesh to the UK are Turkish Airlines, Kuwait Airways, SriLankan Airlines, Singapore Airlines, and Biman Bangladesh Airlines. Most of them offer daily flights from Dhaka to London. Check prices and book the cheapest tickets through Flight Expert. Try to book the tickets at least a month before your visit to ensure the best price.

It takes approximately 13 hours to reach the UK. Try to spend at least a week in London if you want to experience the true essence of the city.

Where To Stay In London?

London is one of the most expensive cities in the world. But it’s less pricey compared to New York. London has the most luxurious hotels and also inexpensive ones depending on your taste and budget. Some of the best hotels in London are:

Some cheap and affordable hotels in London are:

What To Eat In London?

Some famous food items in London are Fish and Chips, Sunday Roast, Full English Breakfast, Beigels, Scotch Eggs, and Afternoon Tea. You should experience a full English breakfast and Afternoon Tea on your visit to London. Just pick a good restaurant and make a reservation. Almost all the restaurants serve these two meals. A traditional English Breakfast consists of fried eggs, bacon, mushrooms, sausages, tomatoes, fried bread, and a slice of pudding. Whereas Afternoon Tea is composed of sandwiches, scones, pastries, and cakes. 

How Much Does It Cost To Visit London?

London travel cost from Bangladesh looks something like this-

Return Plane Fare - 1,00,000 - 1,10,000 BDT per person 

Room Rent Per Night - 6,000-8,000 BDT

Sim Card - 2,000 BDT

Food- 15,000 BDT (per day)

Various Entry Tickets- 15,000 BDT

So, the total cost for your London trip will be approximately 4,50,000 BDT (per person). 

To Conclude,

We Hope this blog has answered all your questions regarding things to do in London. Visit flightexpert.com to check for flights from Dhaka to London. Call us at +88-09617-111-888 or contact us for flight booking and visa processing services.

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