Top Places To Visit In Paris

Top Places To Visit In Paris

Paris is much more than just a romantic city, it is drenched with some stunning historical places. If you were looking out for the best places to visit in Paris then this blog will be of some help to you. When planning a trip, the first thing people indulge in is looking for the best tourist attractions. Paris is one of the most celebrated cities in the world that encounters millions of tourists every year. Here, we will let you know some of the best tourist places in Paris to visit.

If it's your first time in Paris then you probably want to visit almost everything. Paris is a beautiful and stunning city that is sure to mesmerize you with its charm. This city is full of places that deserve a visit surely, but if you are running on time then there are few places that you just cannot afford to miss. You can visit this place with your friends and family anytime.

The list of top tourist attractions in Paris, France

Paris, the city of love, is also a renowned and famous capital city of France. This city has always been a major part of the art, business, entertainment, and fashion industries. You can witness the world-famous museums, landmarks, and places here. Therefore, to save you from confusion, we have here compiled the list of the best places to visit in Paris.

Eiffel Tower

Your trip to Paris would be considered half done if you missed visiting the Eiffel tower. This is one of the world's most photographed tourist attractions both day and night. Nearly 7 million visitors come annually to witness this marvelous historic monument. Standing tall of a height of 324 meters, this 129 years old tower is known as the symbol of Paris & freedom. Below listed are some of the fun things to do here.

  • You can get the best diving view on the ground below at 115 meters.
  • Also, you can see what the office of Gustave Eiffel was from the third floor of Eiffel tower.
  • And if you want to indulge in some more adventure, then climbing approximately 1600 steps would give you sheer pleasure.

Notre Dame Cathedral

No trip would be complete without paying a visit to Notre Dame cathedral or Notre Dame as well. This supremely beautiful church is a vision to watch. You can peep into the French Gothic architecture with this stunning creation. A tour of this 13th-century masterpiece allows tourists to admire the awe-inspiring rose windows, Gothic carvings, beautiful sculptures, and much more to count on. Below is the list of the things to do at Notre dame.

  1. This church is surrounded by beautiful sculptures that are sure to gain your attention.
  2. Walking around the cathedral and climbing up will give you the best panoramic view.

Louvre Museum

This is one of the most visited art museums in the whole world which becomes one of the major reasons for you to visit this place as well. It is located in the heart of Paris that definitely deserves a visit. If you are an art fan, then you cannot afford to miss this place at any cost. Below are some of the interesting things that you will see here.

  • Islamic art.
  • Objects of art.
  • Graphics art.
  • Egyptian antiquities.

What is the best time to visit Paris?

Honestly, you can visit Paris any time of the year and it will greet you with the same amount of charm. But if you fancy the right weather then we suggest you visit between June to August. Overall the best time to visit this beautiful place is from June to August and September to October. Summers would be the one season that you should ditch as it is the most crowded and you will have to spend a fortune on the hotels and other itineraries. Therefore, plan your trip keeping these things in mind.

Emergency contact numbers in Paris

Now, emergency numbers are what you need to search before jumping on to the tourist attractions. It is always safe to be prepared for the worst situations. And emergency numbers are a medium to get you out of any kind of problem, especially in a foreign land. Scroll down to know the emergency contact details of Paris.

  • Ambulance - 15
  • Police - 17
  • Fire - 18
  • General emergency - 112

Top hotels to stay in Paris

Unless and until you know someone close in Paris, you have to search for hotels. To save you from the trouble of searching, we have done the homework for you in advance. Here, we have come up with some of the best and cheap hotels in Paris where you can stay.

  1. Hotel Mathis.
  2. Hotel Providence.
  3. Mob Hotel.
  4. Le Roch Hotel & Spa.
  5. Hotel Plaza Athenee.

Therefore, we hope that this might have been of some use to you in finding the top destinations in Paris. So go ahead and book the most suitable flight and hotel from Flight Expert:

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