Flights From Dhaka To Madrid

Flights From Dhaka To Madrid

Surfing multiple sites on the internet for finding the best flight tickets from Dhaka to Madrid is surely a thing of the past now. You can easily get the best flights and the deals on them with our services at Flight Expert. Traveling has unquestionably become a vital and prominent part of today's lifestyle of people due to many reasons. And we at Flight Expert make our best efforts to get you the top deals on air tickets from DAC to MAD.

Unlike the old days, there are now a number of different airlines and even online travel services that are ready to serve their customers at any given time. So, it can become visibly difficult to pick one service for fulfilling your travel needs. Both Dhaka and Madrid are beautiful places that give you enough reason to visit them.

How can you book the cheap flights from Dhaka (DAC) to Madrid (MAD)?

Earlier when the internet was a new thing, people used to search for every site to compare the prices. But this was a very hectic and time-consuming thing to do. We at Flight Expert have made things easier for you. From our website, you can make suitable choices from all the airlines serving from DAC to MAD. You can also compare the fairs too. To make things even easier for you, we have brought you some important information to consider before you book your flight from this route.

  • If you are not in a hurry to visit Madrid anytime soon then it is better to book the tickets in advance. Booking the air tickets in advance will help you save a lot of bucks as compared to last-minute bookings.
  • The prices of the flight ticket change a lot because of the season and weather conditions.
  • The cheapest month to travel to Madrid is January because of the clear skies, whereas the most expensive month is December. So, plan your trip accordingly if you believe in budget flying.
  • Economy tickets will cost you the lowest and so does the premium economy. So, make a wise choice for your upcoming trip.

Types of Flights available from Dhaka to Madrid

This specific route is one of the most traveled routes as Madrid is a beautiful& important place to be in. Dhaka and Madrid both are the capital cities of Bangladesh & Spain respectively. There is a good number of airlines and they offer different fares for the air tickets from Dhaka to Madrid. Here we are listing the different type of flight ticket types that you can choose from.

  1. Non-stop and multiple stops flight from DAC to MAD.
  2. Round trip flight tickets from Dhaka to Madrid.
  3. Cheap last-minute flights from DAC to MAD.
  4. Direct and Connect air tickets from DAC to MAD.


Airport address and contact numbers

Dhaka Airport

Shahjalal International Airport
Airport Road, Sector 1, Kurmitola, Dhaka 1229
Phone: 02-7911042


Madrid Airport

Av de la Hispanidad

s/n, 28042 Madrid, Spain

Contact: +34 913 21 10 00


Top Hotels in Madrid

If you have no relatives or friends & you need to stay some days then you should look for hotels. To save you from trouble, we have already created a small list of the best hotels in Madrid. You can consider this or also feel free to check out google and TripAdvisor for more recommendations. To save the living cost, you can also use the services of Airbnb.

URSO Hotel & Spa
Hotel Wellington
Hotel Ritz
The Principal Madrid Hotel
InterContinental Madrid
Gran Melia
The Westin Palace
Villa Magna


Emergency Contact Numbers of Madrid

Ambulance (ambulanc) and health emergencies: Call 061 or 112

Fire brigade (cuerpo de bomberos): Call 080 or 112

Local police (polic/municipal): Call 092


Transportation within the city

Taxi services are available for traveling within or outside of the city. Also Uber in Madrid is available and you can get your drive by using their app.


What will be the cost to travel from DAC to MAD via air?

The rate of flight tickets depends on various factors such as the type of tickets, type of airlines, class of the seat, weather conditions, etc. to name a few of them. You can book cheap tickets in advance from DAC to MAD. The starting fare of tickets from DAC to MAD is 54901.56 BDT which further continues up to 267927.32 BDT. Overall the average price or fare for traveling from DAC to MAD will cost you around 75,179.18in Bangladeshi Taka. So, go ahead and now plan your trip accordingly.

Why choose Flight Expert for cheap flights from Dhaka to Madrid?

We have a lot of reasons for you to choose us over any other services present online. Our team makes the best effort to find you the best flights and deals on them. Our main focus apart from it is also to provide you with the suitable information that can help you in booking the right tickets. Also, we provide information about all the available flights. So you will be enjoying a lot of options to choose from. Choosing us for your travel itinerary will help you pick the most suitable deal. Below is a list of some of the airlines serving this route that you can choose from.

  • Turkish Airlines.
  • Air India.
  • Malaysia Airlines.
  • Emirates
  • Etihad Airlines.
  • Qatar Airways.
  • Jet Airways.
  • Saudi Arab Airlines.

These are a few of the airlines that continuously travel between this specific route. You can choose any one of these airlines depending on your budget and convenience. Also, you can feel free to contact and browse us anytime to get the details.

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