Tourist Attractions In Sylhet

Tourist Attractions In Sylhet

Sylhet, the major and beautiful city in north-eastern Bangladesh is located on the bank of the river Surma. With its vast historical and cultural background, Sylhet is one of the oldest cities in Bangladesh. And because of it, this city encounters a number of tourists visit every year. It is one of the most beautiful and largest cities in Bangladesh surrounded by the Jaintia, Khasi, and Tripura hills. The city is well known for its tropical forests and tea gardens. With many top tourist attractions in Sylhet, is the best tourist place.

If you have not visited Sylhet then it is high time to put the city at the top of your travel list as the city will provide you with outstanding sights. Sylhet is also known as the city of Saints, with the mausoleum of the great saint Hazrat Shah Jalal. The climate of the city is subtropical, with hot and humid summer and relatively cool winter. With many interesting places to visit Sylhet is the best place for visitors and the city will make the tour tremendously memorable and exciting. Scroll below to know the best tourist attractions in Sylhet.

Tourist Attractions in Sylhet

Sylhet is well known for its natural beauty and amazing glorious history, the city is famous among the locals and foreign tourists. Besides tea gardens, there are lots of attractions in Sylhet like Tambil, Jaflong, Ratargul water lake, Bholaganj, etc. If we talk about the culture then that is tremendous and Manipuri dance is famous in the indigenous communities in Manipuri. It is one of the best tourist cities in the country full of beauty and nature. Here we have compiled the list of best attractions in Sylhet below.


Lalakhal is 35 km away from Sylhet city, below the Cheraponji of India from where the river originated and flows through Bangladesh. This place makes you feel very close to nature, it also provides wonderful sights on the full moon which will amaze you. With clouds and hills along with rivers and greenery, this is one of the most beautiful cities close to nature. And it definitely will leave you immensely impressed if once visited. If you plan for Sylhet city then visiting Lalakhal is a must.

Malonichora Tea garden

This place will definitely make you feel that nature has spread its green carpet beneath the sky. The most beautiful place with evergreen surroundings, the tea garden is merged with the endless natural beauty. The city is famous for its tea and tea garden, 90% tea of country is produced in Sylhet. Though Sylhet is a beautiful place the tea garden enriched the beauty of the city to the next level. It is the most beautiful place in Sylhet to visit.

Manipuri Rajbari

Manipuri Rajbari is one of the symbols of ancient architecture, was built by three brothers King Gombir Singh, Churging Singh, and Marjit Singh. The place will show you the decorated stairs, principal gate, border wall, and Bhalakhana which are the last resources. It is a great tourist attraction; the place is an important piece of architecture. Visit the place on the Sylhet tour to feel close to the ancient history.

Ratargul Swamp Forest

You can have a fantastic experience in Ratargul Swamp Forest, the trees diving into the crystal water and scenario will make you feel in heaven. In the rainy season when the forest is filled with water and the shadows of the trees along with the crystal water, it will provide a treat to your eyes. In winter the scenario is different as you will get to see Rattan there. You can go there with a small boat and also enjoy the hills of Mizoram as well. You will definitely feel fascinated with the beautiful view.

Things to do in Sylhet

There are many interesting things to enjoy and experience in Sylhet. As if you visit somewhere then it is of great fun to do the things and experience the interesting commodity of the native place. Here are the things which you can do, and enjoy in Sylhet below.

  • Boat trip, you can enjoy the boat trip in Sylhet as there are so many rivers in Sylhet and this often provide you the sight of county side and river banks.
  • Camp on the riverbank, if you want to do something adventurous then a camp on the riverside is one of the best ideas. Sleeping under the roof of starts at the riverside would be an amazing experience.
  • Local cooking class, you can also enjoy the cooking classes by the locals which will make you pick the fresh vegetables and provide you the cooking class of their recipes.
  • Visit the Khasi Tribe, a tribe that is ruled by women. You can get to dress up in local attire which will boost you up with amazement. It would be an interesting experience.

Best Hotels in Sylhet

Book the best hotel in Sylhet as this would make you feel relaxed with the best services which are an important part of the tour for sure. There are many hotels in Sylhet As it is a tourist place you will get a number of options there. Here we are providing the best hotels with the best services in Sylhet.

  • Hotel Noorjahan Grand.
  • Hotel Supreme.
  • Britannia Hotel.
  • Hotel Star Pacific.
  • Nirvana Inn.
  • Hotel Garden Inn.
  • Hotel Holy Gate.
  • Rose View Hotel.

So, plan your tour to one of the most beautiful cities in Bangladesh and enjoy the beautiful and amazing sights lushed with greenery and stunning scenarios. This is the best tourists place and at the top list of tourists.

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