NOVOAIR Review – Top 10 Reasons to Fly with NOVOAIR

NOVOAIR is one of the earliest airlines that started their operation in the privately held aviation sector of Bangladesh. Initially, their focus was on domestic flights. Later they introduced international flights as well to serve their customers. With a vision of Excellence in Aviation- and the motto "ART of Aviation", NOVOAIR started its journey in 2007. Initially, they started their journey as a business diversifier of "Tusuka Group".

The situation stayed like this until 2011 when Novo Air made plans to establish its airlines. Mr. Faiz Khan, the founding Chairman of Novo Air was the man behind all the planning. Under his close supervision, all the necessary initiatives were taken to launch a domestic operation as soon as possible. The current lineup of the key person of the company is Mr. Mofizur Rahman (Managing Director), Mr. Arshad Jamal (Director & CFO) & Mr. Fayzur Rahman (Chairman).

The launching of domestic flights by NOVOAIR

Finally, in 2013, NOVOAIR started its operation as the fourth domestic airline in Bangladesh. Their first domestic flights were Dhaka to Chittagong, Dhaka to Cox's Bazar & Dhaka to Jessore. A month later they introduced Dhaka to Sylhet flights. Their initial fleet contained jet-powered Embraer EMB-145 aircraft. These aircraft were made by a famous Brazilian aerospace company named Embraer. These aircraft were able to room 49 passengers. Novo was the first company in Bangladesh to launch Embraer EMB-145 aircraft. Novo Air initially started with a team of 12 Bangladeshi and 6 foreigner pilots. All the other flight attendants were carefully selected and appointed locally to provide the best service for the passengers. They have their only hub at Shahjalal International Airport of Bangladesh.

NOVOAIR launching international flights

NOVOAIR kept its promise about launching international flights within 3 years of its establishment. They did it even before the targeted time. Thanks to their well-maintained flights, schedules, and fair ticket prices made they popular among air route users. As a result, on the 1st of December 2015, they were able to introduce their international flights. The first destination was Yangon, the capital city of Myanmar. For international routes, they started with the already popular Embraer EMB-145 aircraft. With a 2-2 seat combination, these aircraft carried 49 passengers onboard. Initially, Novo Air maintained 3 flights per week to Yangon. (Currently, the flight to Yangon is suspended due to political unrest in Myanmar).

After 1 year of launching their international operations, the airlines started their second international destination Kolkata. Kolkata is one of the busiest destinations for Bangladeshi people due to business, travel, pleasure, treatment, and many more. That is why they wanted to expand their international flights to Kolkata so they can serve a large number of people. The company started with four flights per week from Dhaka to Kolkata. From December 14, they introduced direct flights from Chittagong to Kolkata. Three flights per week were announced from Chittagong. Meanwhile, Novo Air kept increasing domestic flights as well. Rajshahi & Saidpur was gradually added to the list of local destinations.

Current Destinations of NOVOAIR

Right now the airline is maintaining 6 domestic destinations from Dhaka. Previously they started Dhaka to Barisal flight, but they had to suspend it due to some unavoidable reasons. Current active destinations are:

  • Chittagong - Shah Amanat International Airport
  • Rajshahi - Shah Makhdum Airport (started 1st April 2018)
  • Jessore - Jessore Airport
  • Cox's Bazar - Cox's Bazar Airport
  • Sylhet - Osmani International Airport
  • Saidpur - Saidpur Airport

The airline is currently maintaining many flights to these destinations from Dhaka and vice versa.

With the suspension of the Dhaka to Myanmar flight, Novo is currently maintaining only an international destination which is Kolkata (India). You will have daily flights from Dhaka to Kolkata & vice versa. In the future, Novo air is planning to expand its international destinations. This will include Guwahati (India), Kathmandu, Bangkok, Singapore, Colombo, Male, Muscat, Dubai, Jeddah & many more.

Fleet & Seat configuration

Currently, Novo Air is maintaining a fleet of 5 aircraft. All of them are ATR 72-500, which is also known as ATR 72-212A. These short-haul aircraft are produced by French-Italy joined venture company ATR. These aircraft can room up to 68-72 passengers in the single class arrangement. These aircraft are equipped with PW127F engines and six-bladed propellers. The model is designed to deliver higher performance & more automation of power management to help the pilots. Also, there are ample cargo spaces.

Novo provides a seat configuration of 2-2 with a comfortable seat pitch. Seats are covered with good quality rexine & leather to ensure comfort to the passengers. Each aircraft can carry 68 passengers on board.

Tickets & fair details

NOVOAIR is a renowned airline in Bangladesh and you can buy cheap air tickets from Novo Air from any online travel agency in Bangladesh. Also, they developed a nice & user-friendly website where you can get enough information about destinations, flights, fairs and many more. You can book tickets from their website too. They also have 21 sales and service offices across the country including Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Cox's Bazar, Jessore, Khulna, Sylhet, Barisal, Saidpur & Rangpur. Also, they have 2 offices in Kolkata. The address to their corporate office is:

House-50, Road-11, Block-F, Banani.
Phone: 13603, +88-09638-013603, +88-09666722224
Email: [email protected]

NOVOAIR Ticket prices

Novo Air always tried to maintain a good policy in their fair management. This is one of the main reasons behind their growing popularity. The price for Dhaka to Chittagong ticket starts from as low as 3000 BDT. Dhaka to Cox's Bazar ticket price starts from 3900 BDT. Rajshahi tickets will start from BDT 2,999. Dhaka to Jessore tickets starts from as low as 2700 BDT. The same rate applies for Dhaka to Sylhet (2,700 BDT). Dhaka to Saidpur ticket price starts from 2,999 BDT. Dhaka to Kolkata fair starts from 6500 BDT.

Inflight foods

Novo Air provides modest snacks for domestic flights. Flight attendants will provide a snack box usually at the middle of the travel. The snacks box includes a hot dog, a packet of biscuits, a mango bar, chewing gums, mango juice & mineral water. Considering the short-haul domestic flights, the snacks feel just enough. Also for international flights, they will provide modest meals including rice or bread, vegetables, chicken, & soft drinks.

SMILES - a rewards program by Novo Air

NOVOAIR is the first Airline in Bangladesh to introduce a frequent flyer program for passengers who travels regularly. It can be a very enjoyable & beneficiary service for the people who frequently fly. These passengers will be able to redeem personalized services, one-way flights, travel deals & packages, and partner promotions for their Smiles miles. To avail of this offer, a passenger needs to create his Smile account with NOVOAIR. This account will keep track of all the Miles earned by the particular passengers. There will be two types of Miles - Flight Miles and Bonus Miles. Flight Miles is the account of actual miles flown by the passenger with NOVOAIR. Bonus Miles are the extra awarded miles to passengers via different promotions like buying tickets through the website, buying tickets for a special class, etc.

So far we have provided a good deal of information about Novo Air. Now let us dig the top 10 reasons to fly with Novo Air.

10 Reasons to fly with NOVOAIR

  • First, NOVOAIR is primarily a domestic airline. That is why more flights are easily available for short-haul destinations. Also due to their small number of destinations, the management can manage the flights nicely. You will not see many flight delays.
  • So far there is no record of an accident or any kind of mishap by NOVOAIR.
  • Besides they are good at maintaining strict and regular flight schedules. Except for a few cases of unavoidable and weather issues, NOVOAIR has so far handled their flights quite regularly.
  • Also, their aircraft are well maintained and taken care of. They have enough mechanics and technical support to take care of the aircraft engines regularly. That is why you will not experience any kind of uneven noise or mechanical failure while flying.
  • Aircraft seats and other interior parts are designed specially to ensure comfort and safety for the passengers. Rexine and leather-covered seats will give enough comfort to the passengers. There is enough seat pitch too.
  • NOVOAIR has a good team of experienced pilots and co-pilots to operate their flights. They maintain a strict selection process while appointing the pilots. After passing through all the tests they are sent for special training to make sure they are up to international standards. As a result, we can there is no such record of accidents or mishaps.
  • Additionally, the company has also appointed an efficient team of qualified flight attendants to serve their passengers. They are always under training on regular basis to tackle any crisis.
  • They have always maintained a fair ticket price right from the very beginning. They have provided enough options for different types of passengers. To meet their customer demands, they maintain several packages. The packages include Special Promo, Promo, Special, Discount, Saver & Flexible. Among them, the Special Promo is the cheapest & Flexible is for the ones who seek luxury.
  • They provide modest & healthy snacks of good quality to their passengers. The management always maintains the quality of the food under strict observation.

NOVOAIR started their aviation business with a nice tagline "Truly Yours". And they mean it in every aspect. In every step from booking the ticket to landing at the destination, they always try to make you feel at home. NOVOAIR never compromises with the safety standards of their honorable passengers. Besides, there have always been different types of challenges. But still, they have maintained an excellent service record. And recently they successfully passed their first 6 years of service. Their vision is to take it even further. Finally, We wish them all the good luck and our support is always with this Bangladeshi Airlines company.

By Rahat Muna

Thinker & Designer

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