Top Tourist Attractions In Sri Lanka

Top Tourist Attractions In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, a fantastic country and top tourist location, is an island nation south of India in the Indian Ocean. It is also known as a tropical paradise with beautiful locations and even beautiful culture. It has become the top tourist attraction and a must-go place on tourists' bucket lists. Sri Lanka offers the tourists to indulge in wonderful and refreshing recreational activities that make their Sri Lanka tour more interesting and amazing. Let's have a look at the top attractions in Sri Lanka.

Experience the lush green tea estates along with sacred beautiful temples, amazing beaches, and many more to enjoy the tour in Sri Lanka. The mountainous area is spectacular, tea and cinnamon business is famous in this country. The tropical climate of Sri Lanka is dominated by monsoon throughout the year which offers beautiful scenarios to the visitors. The beauty of Sri Lanka looks more charming with the natural resources of the place. It is one of the best places to visit for an amazing and thrilling tour with a lot of interesting places to visit. Scroll down to know the Top tourist attractions in Sri Lanka.

Top tourist attractions in Sri Lanka

There are many places in Sri Lanka to visit and enjoy wonderful sightseeing. Tourists from all over the globe plan to visit this country Sri Lanka offers the most beautiful scenarios along with many interesting and amazing things to do. Many of people plan to visit here during the monsoon season when beaches look more beautiful and amazing. There are many wonderful places to visit in the country. Let's have a look at the Top tourist attractions in Sri Lanka below.

Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay with slanting coconut trees and azure skies is one of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka. This will give you adventurous experiences with windsurfing, speed boating, and many other water sports. The place is beautiful with wonderful sightseeing, an ideal place to visit, and has coconut water with the scent of jasmine. Arugam Bay is a must on the tourist list that is 320 km from Colombo and is an ideal place for tourists.


Sigiriya located 15km northeast of Dambulla is the most iconic site in Sri Lanka, it is a rock forest on the flat surface of gigantic genesis dramatic towers. The staircases are attached to rock walls and you have to climb them. Once you are at the top you will experience the panoramic view of water gardens, sights of rolling magnificent hills, and forest from the fort that will provide you with incredible views that may simply baffle you.

The Dambulla Cave Temple

This is one of the most soothing places to visit the Dambulla Cave Temple; it is the largest temple complex in Sri Lanka. The temple has five different-sized rooms with the deity of Lord Budha in different positions in peaceful and calm gestures. The temple is situated on a rocky black mountain which seems nice with the white walls of the temple. The place around is beautiful with wonderful sights. It is a must-visit place in Sri Lanka.

Yala National Park

For wildlife lovers, it is the best place to visit while on a Sri Lanka tour, it is a home to wildlife and birds. You will see the leopards nestling lazily in the trees and the group of elephants bathing in the streams. You can also go for a safari in the thick green forest, some of the people also camp at Yala, and you can enjoy wildlife photography here as well. This place is wonderful to enjoy and experience its wildlife.

Fun Things to do in Sri Lanka

There is a lot of stuff you can do and enjoy in Sri Lanka that offers many interesting things that may make you experience the best sites and offer you to do thrilling and amazing things to do. Sri Lanka with beautiful sites also offers adventurous experiences as well. Here are the things you can do in Sri Lanka.

  • Visit the stunning Gangaramaya Temple, the temple is a fusion of Chinese, Indian and Thai architecture which will make you experience the incredible view.
  • You can visit the charming Floating Market in Pettah, you can shop for a lot of different things from this market by floating on the boats.
  • Enjoy Colombo's buzzing nightlife, with the amazing and entertaining music, delicious cuisines, casinos, and thriving clubs, the nightlife here is amazing.
  • Hop aboard a train to Ella, this will offer you the most beautiful train journey that takes you through green seas of tea plantations, lush forests, and clouds will give you a wonderful experience.

Best hotels in Sri Lanka

Choosing the best hotel for your stay in Sri Lanka is a must, you need to book the best hotel whenever on a tour. A hotel with the best services is a must to make your tour more comfortable so that you would enjoy your visit more. Here is the top hotel list in Sri Lanka.

  • Buckingham Place.
  • Lake Lodge Boutique Hotel.
  • Uga Ulagalla.
  • Villa Saffron Hikkaduwa.
  • Reef Villa & Spa.
  • Jim's Farm Villas.
  • Kahanda Kanda.
  • Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort.
  • Water Garden Sigiriya.
  • Niyagama House.

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