E-visa Countries For Bangladeshi Passport

E-visa Countries For Bangladeshi Passport - Part 1

Eject the inconvenience associated with traditional "get-a-visa" from an embassy with the ease of E-visa which is a form of validation to stay in foreign countries for a specific period. As every country has its own reserves and interpretation for granting one. For Bangladeshi citizens, 13 amazing counties allow the application of e-visa, which helps you to get rid of the time-consuming traditional visa application process where the chances of denial are higher. Scroll below to know about the countries which allow the application of e-visa countries for Bangladesh citizens.

The major benefit of this kind of visa is that you do not have to be present physically in front of anybody you can simply apply through a website online.  Fill in all the details in the online application and receive your e-visa in PDF form. Many tourists give up their foreign tour plans because of long visa processing and formalities. But with the e-visa, you just need to fill out the online application and can explore the wonderful countries without any hassle.

The list of countries offering E-Visa for Bangladeshi official citizens

For Bangladesh citizens, there are 13 beautiful countries that allow the e-visa and let the tourists explore and enjoy the distinctive tradition and culture of several places. All you need to do is just check out the list of 13 countries and plan out your tour, visa application formalities will be accessible online so there is no need to face any hurdle before you fly. Below mentioned is the list of countries with e-visa for Bangladesh citizens.

  • Cambodia
  • Djibouti
  • Gabon
  • Kenya
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Malaysia


Cambodia, a Southeast Asia nation with mountains and a Gulf of Thailand coastline is a beautiful country that offers a lot to explore and enjoy. The capital home of Phnom is the art deco central market, the National Historical Museum, Royal Palace and archaeological exhibits are the famous and exciting places to explore in Cambodia.  A massive stone temple complex built during the Khmer Empire in the northwest of the country is an amazing artistic structure. Cambodia offers the ease of e-visa to Bangladesh citizens and makes it easy for them to explore and enjoy this imposing country.


Djibouti is a mostly French and Arabic-speaking country in the Horn of Africa, which accepts e-visa from Bangladeshi citizens. The dry shrubland, Gulf of Aden beaches, volcanic formations and home to one of the saltiest bodies of water in the world, the Danakil desert, and the low-lying Lake Assal are some of the places that will add more excitement and fun to your tour. The country is with astonishing places and things to do will turn out to be your best tour in Djibouti.

  • The country with deserts, lakes and many interesting places.
  • With saltiest bodies of water in the world.
  • Provides e-visa facility for Bangladesh citizens.


Gabon, with the significant areas of protected parklands, is a country along the Atlantic coast of Central Africa. The Loango National park shelters a diversity of wildlife from Gorillas and hippos to whales, the trip to this park is quite interesting and enjoyable. The country has a bulk of stuff which will help to make your trip more happening. Akanda national park is known for its mangroves and tidal beaches whereas, Lope National Park consists of mostly rainforest. Here Bangladeshi citizens have ease of e-visa processing.


Kenya with a coastline on the Indian Ocean is a country in East Africa; the nation is amazing with its Lakeland, the dramatic Great Rift Valley, and mountain highlands. The country is the homeland of Rhinos, elephants, and lions, the safaris visit Maasai Mara reserve, known for its annual wildebeest migrations, and the Amboseli National Park, with the incredible view of Mt. Kilimanjaro 5,895m. You can plan out the tour to Kenya with an e-visa for Bangladesh citizens and the beauty of the country.


Kyrgyzstan a central Asian country, along with the silk road the ancient trade route between China and the Mediterranean. The country accepts the e-visa from Bangladeshi citizens. Tian Shan mountains dominate the country and surround the old caravan route is the home to snow leopards, sheep, and lynx. Millennia with the huge busy market has a lot to offer the tourists, the country with its amazing places and things is quite interesting.

  • The beautiful country is surrounded by an old caravan route.

  • Interesting huge busy markets.
  • With e-visa ease for Bangladesh people.


Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country with parts of the Malay Peninsula and Borneo Island. Well known for its beautiful rainforest, beaches, and the mix of Malay, Indian, European, and Chinese cultural influences. The capital of the country is Kuala Lumpur is home to colonial buildings and busy shopping districts such as Bukit Bin tang and iconic skyscrapers like the 451m-tall PETRONAS Twin Towers.


Other Countries with the Ease of E-Visa for official Bangladeshi Passport

Many other countries are there with e-visa benefits for Bangladesh people, the e-visa has vanished the hassle of long visa processing formalities. This makes the traveler just mug the pack, carry the passport, book the hotel and switch to fly incredibly astonishing countries and enjoy or explore with great fun. Below are some more countries with ease of e-visa for Bangladesh citizens that we will discuss in part 2.

  • Myanmar
  • Qatar
  • Rwanda
  • Sri Lanka
  • Uganda
  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe

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