Top 5 Places To Visit In Toronto Canada

Top 5 Places To Visit In Toronto Canada

Toronto is the picture-perfect capital city of Ontario in Canada and is a traveller’s paradise. If you are an international student/an immigrant who just moved to Toronto or just a backpacker who’s passing through, you’ll soon find out that the city is full of intriguing things that attract loads of people every year. 

There are a variety of beautiful places to visit and exciting things to do in Toronto. This blog will discuss the top places to visit in Toronto, how to get there, where to stay, and how much it costs to visit Toronto.

Top Places To Visit In Toronto

Here are the top 5 places to visit in Toronto, according to us:

  1.  Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a breathtaking waterfall with an impressive amount of water flowing over it. The thing is, most waterfalls have a small amount of water flowing over them. But the mixture of height and volume makes Niagara Falls so mesmerising.

You can easily plan a visit to Niagara Falls from Toronto as a day tour, or stay the night and explore the area. It is 130 km southwest of Toronto, which takes approximately 1½ hours to reach. There’s much to see and do there besides the waterfall. The area is always full of tourists and music shows, light shows, fireworks shows, and various events happening at different times of the year.

  1. CN Tower

CN Tower or Canadian National Tower is the broadcasting hub of Canada. 1,815 feet tall CN Tower was the highest building in the water until Burj Khalifa surpassed it in 2007. It is the most easily distinguishable building in Canada. You can see it from anywhere in the city.

But if you want to have a closer look and explore the inside of the building, then know that the building has a few observation decks from where you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the city. It also offers a revolving restaurant, an edge walking sports activity, and an entertainment complex. All the prominent telecommunication and broadcasting companies of Canada have their offices in the building.

  1. Royal Ontario Museum

Canada’s largest and most visited museum is the Royal Ontario Museum. The museum contains traditional and contemporary art and artefacts related to world culture and natural history. When the museum was constructed, a large part of the museum’s collection came from the University of Toronto. Till now, the museum authorities work closely and share resources with the university.

You can visit the museum and enjoy various exhibitions and galleries. There are 40 galleries containing more than 6,000,000 items in the museum. Among them, there’s a collection of fossils of dinosaurs and other specimens, minerals and meteorites; historical art and artefacts from Canada, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

  1. Ripley's Aquarium of Canada

If you have a kid, then we have the most exciting place for you to visit with them. It is near the CN Tower so it’s easily accessible for you. The place is Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada which is a public aquarium. It has 5.7 million litres of both marine and freshwater habitats collected from different parts of the world. The aquarium contains 20,000 exotic fish and marine specimens. Take your kid to the aquarium and watch them beam with happiness by looking at the wonders of sea life and marine creatures.

  1. Casa Loma

If you have a delicate sense of art and want to have a taste of Canadian history, then we recommend that you visit Casa Loma. This gothic-revival palace is a historic house museum and landmark in midtown Toronto. Casa Loma sits 460 feet above sea level. It is a popular shooting location for film and TV shows, a grand setting for local weddings and the place is often rented out in the evenings to private companies to arrange their meetings and such.

How To Travel To Toronto

To visit Toronto, you need to apply for a Canada visitor visa. Here are the Canada visa requirements. For visa-related help and inquiries, call us at +88-09617-111-888 or contact us for visa processing services. 

Popular airlines flying from Bangladesh to Toronto are Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, and Emirates.  Most of them offer daily flights from Dhaka to Toronto. Check Dhaka to Toronto flight ticket prices and book the cheapest tickets through Flight Expert. Try to book the tickets at least a month before your visit to ensure the best price.

It takes approximately 21 hours to reach Toronto. Try to spend at least 3 days in Toronto if you want to experience the true essence of the city.

Where To Stay In Toronto?

Some budget hotels to stay in Toronto are:

How Much Does It Cost To Visit Toronto?

Toronto travel cost from Bangladesh looks something like this-

Return Plane Fare - 1,50,000 - 1,70,000 BDT per person

Room Rent Per Night - 8,000-10,000 BDT

Sim Card - 2,300-5,000 BDT

Food- 1,000-1,500 BDT (per meal)

So, the total cost for your Toronto trip (excluding transport costs and entry fees) will be approximately 2,10,000 BDT per person (for 3 days). But you can reduce the cost by opting for cheaper hotels and having cheaper meals.

To Conclude,

We hope this blog has answered all your questions regarding places to visit in Toronto. Visit to check for Dhaka to Toronto flights. Call us at +88-09617-111-888 or contact us for flight booking and visa processing services.

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