Top Hidden Places In Russia To Visit

Top Hidden Places In Russia To Visit

Russia, the biggest country in the world, with its immense beauty, is well known all over the globe. The incredible mountains, beaches, ethnic villages, deserts, glaciers, and spectacular volcanoes make it the most astounding country in the world. Russia has something to offer any tourist longing for pastoral landscapes and village customs with wonderfully delicious cuisine. Russia is mugged with top tourist attractions but then there are some places as well that are hidden though incredibly beautiful and astonishing. Here we discuss below the top secret places in Russia to visit.

Russia is a mysterious expanse of majestic snow-capped mountains, deep lakes, golden sands, icy tundra, and thousands of rivers that pass through quaint villages and scenic national parks. Russia is also home to some incredible works of art, overwhelming places whose charm is incredible. Some of the secret places in Russia are not well-known among the tourists but serve the best when it comes to enjoying the beauty and some adventure out of the crowd. Visiting these hidden places can turn out your vacations in Russia amazing.

Top Hidden Places in Russia to Visit

Unique places in Russia to visit do have all the things to do and enjoy which will amaze you with its smasher. Many tourists do not know about these amazing hidden places in Russia, that is why we have compiled a list of these perplexing places so that you would be able to visit and enjoy these hidden places on your next Russia tour. Here are the top hidden places in Russia to visit.

Lake Seydozero

Near the Finnish border, up in the Murmansk Oblast is where you find Lake Seydozero, a gorgeous corner of the world. The lake is surrounded by dramatic rock formations and imposing mountains which is incredibly beautiful. Lake Seydozero is a mysterious place where you will discover ancient caves engraved with runes; it is also the belief of some people that this lake has been a landing site for UFOs. This hidden ace is the most spectacular site in Russia and a worth visit.

Summer Gardens

In St Petersburg, the most relaxing and perplexing place is the Summer Gardens. As the garden was by the royal court back in Peter's time and is still immaculately kept by the Russian Museum. The gardens have a distinctly European feel as French landscapes and Venetian sculptors were commissioned to decorate the space. This place is outstanding and beautiful meant especially for relaxation where you can spend your time in soothing surroundings.

  • The garden of Peter's era.

  • Surrounded by French decorations.

  • Beautiful and relaxing place to visit.


Located in southern Russia near the Georgian border, on the hillside, this location is perfect and stunning. The area is surrounded by many tombs and crypts. The archaeologists have discovered wooden burial boats. Because locals hardly visit here, you will get enough chance to explore it properly.

Lena Pillars

In the vastness of Siberia, there are plenty of places to visit and enjoy which have not been spoiled by masses of visitors. Along the river Lena a rock formation Lena Pillers standing 150-300 m high, these pillars are imposing, to say the least. The Lena Pillars are listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. it is a perfect example of ancient geological processes. Sailing from Yakutsk along the river the pillars are reachable in a day. The entire scenario of this place is what you can admire in the most isolated regions on the planet.

  • The most astounding place to explore.

  • It is the world's heritage site.

  • The pillars are quite imposing.

Altai Mountains

This is the place where nature shows its full force, the Altai Mountains, which cover a mammoth 845,000 square kilometers. The rivers here cascade through steep valleys and the soaring peaks touch the 4,000m mark where nomadic tribes make their temporary camps. It is the most magical place with a heavenly scenario that provides treats to the viewer's eyes. The Altai Mountains are the best place to visit with the lesser crowd you can enjoy the beauty of the place completely.

Therefore, visit these amazing top hidden places in Russia and explore the perplexing scenarios besides the crowded places. These places will provide you with a complete package of amazing and stunning Russian tours. Also, browse for the best hotel and flight deals. Or call us at +88-09617-111-888 or email us: at [email protected].

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