Top Hidden Places In China To Visit

Top Hidden Places In China To Visit

China, the world's largest and oldest civilization, is filled with countless gems and hidden attractions that are incredibly awe-struck. From singing sand dunes to some of the tallest statues on the planet the country has a lot to offer you. With 53 diverse ethnic groups and more than 292 spoken languages, the country is a mixture of charming traditions, culture, and modernity. Each destination in China is different from the last which makes your vacations more happening. Here below are the top hidden places in China to visit.

This diverse country's astonishing manmade attractions are rivaled by its remarkable natural wonders. China offers a number of spots that are not much known among tourists and still serve the best. Every tourist would like to visit less crowded places and that serves wonderful experiences too. As a result, we have here made up a list of the secret places in China to visit with your loved ones.

Top Hidden Places In China To Visit

China is mugged up with incredible experiences and limitless scope of exploitation.  Apart from the famous sites, there are many hidden sites that China has, these places have a lot to do and enjoy with adventurous and thrilling experiences and incredible beauty. Scroll below to know lesser-known beautiful places in China to visit.


Jiuzhaigou's enormous lake filled with water is incredibly beautiful and changes color throughout the day and year. The change of color is caused by a combination of algae and calcified rocks found at the bottom of the lake. This lake offers immense beautiful sights, and the reflection of the surrounded landscape makes it look astounding. Autumn is the best time of year to visit the lake when it takes on a rainbow of different hues.

Zhangye Danxia Landform

The incredible landscape is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site nicknamed the "painted mountains" of Danxia.  The folding of layered ocean crust created exposed rock layers of different colors and textures in this section of the Gobi Desert. The place has unusual shapes that resemble the strange cones and towers and the colorful sedimentation layers add unique striped patterns.

  • Immensely beautiful place.
  • The World Heritage site.
  • Incredible landscape.

Saint Sophia Cathedral

Saint Sophia Cathedral is one of Harbin's most recognizable landmarks with its deep green onion domes and golden crosses. This is the largest Orthodox church in East and Southeast Asia standing 177 feet tall. The church's un-restored interior houses a museum dedicated to the city. Saint Sophia Cathedral is a quite soothing place that can provide you peace of mind away from the bustling city with the crowd. There is a popular gathering spot in its front square.

Yuanyang Rice Terraces

Into the rolling landscape of the southern Ailao Mountains, the Yuanyang Rice Terraces have been dug over many centuries.  These shallow-sloped terraces reach a height of up to 6500 feet above sea level covering more than 12, 500 hectares. The greenery all around is marvelous. You can explore the beauty of the place as the fields are filled with water which reflects the colors and cloud shapes of the sky. The Hani people farm the land and the terraces look so fascinating.

  • The beautiful green terraces.
  • Filed with water all around.
  • Hani people take care of the rice terraces.

Echoing Sand Mountain and Crescent Lake

Located along the Silk Road the Echoing-Sand Mountain is a series of sand dunes, in the Gobi desert in northwest China. When the wind blows over the sand the dunes produce haunting echoing sounds. The huge dunes stretch for more than 25 miles long, and 12 miles wide, reaching 800 feet at their peak. Surrounded by  Crescent lake offers a pleasing contrast to the sand with the gardens blooming on its shores.

Yungang Grottoes

Found in Shanxi Province the Yungang Grottoes is a collection of 53 grottoes that contains 51,000 sandstone sculptures of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Reflecting numerous different styles of Buddhist art the site is an important Buddhist landmark. Also, the tallest sculpture is  55 feet high while the two smallest are only a few inches. The place is quite interesting and exploring the big sculptures will provide goose-bumps to one. The five Buddha sculptures are based on five Wei emperors.

  • An interesting site to witness.
  • Huge sculptures of Budha.
  • Buddhist art and style sculptures.

Plan your next tour to China and explore these top secret places in China to visit. These will definitely provide you with distinctive experiences that you will cherish. Also, browse for the best hotel and flight deals. Or call us at +88-09617-111-888 or email us: at [email protected].

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