Top Hidden Places To Visit In Hongkong

Top Hidden Places To Visit In Hongkong

Hong Kong is a unique blend of rolling countryside and fascinating skyscrapers. There is a lot to see, eat and explore in Hong Kong, the travelers will never get bored of this place as it has a number of spots and things that will offer you a thrilling experience. In Hong Kong apart from famous destinations, there are many hidden gems worth discovering. From secret eateries to lesser-known streets Hong Kong has plenty of things to offer you and make your Hong Kong vacations happen. Here below are some of the top secret places to visit in Hong Kong below.

Hong Kong is much more than a bunch of skyscrapers and hills that are too heightened that take hours to climb. The place is blessed with amazing secret islands, gorgeous beaches, and brilliant hiking trails. People who visit Hong Kong most of the time think of shopping, bright neon lights, and the metropolitan lifestyle in Central Hong Kong. But there are many spots which are secret or hidden though provide a great time with the beauty all around and the adventurous things to do and explore. Go below to check out the best secret places to visit in Hong Kong.

Top Hidden Beautiful Places to Visit in Hongkong

Rich with its history, and teeming with nature, and culture it is a whole other world waiting to be explored. Hong Kong has all that can turn your tour into a massive adventure. You must be aware of the places that are quite famous and crowded in Hong Kong but then there are some hidden places as well that tourists do not have much idea about. If you are also curious to know the top hidden places in Hong Kong then scroll below.

The Bethanie

The Bethanie is a grade ll-listed neo-gothic church and academic complex; it's a gorgeous structure that stands on the hills of Pok Fu Lam. Built by the Paris Foreign Missions Society in 1875, there is plenty of history behind this building. Bethanie also offers awesome views of the East Lamma Channel. Many travelers do not know much about the place, visiting here provides calm and relaxing experiences for the tourists.

Duen Kee Tea House

On the tallest mountain in Hong Kong, Tai Mo Shan has a secret dim sum place Duen Kee Tea House is a family-run, self-service restaurant, where you get a number of delicious cuisines, in the middle of the mountains this mini restaurant is based out of a spot right. Offers usual suspects like Siu Mai, har gow, spring rolls, and Cheung fun. The place is not much known to the tourists, it's a secret dim sum place.

  • A mini restaurant at the tallest mountain.
  • With delicious cuisines.
  • It's a secret dim sum place.

Shek Kwu Chau

Shek Kwu Chau is an outlying island off the coast of Lantau known for classical-inspired structures and even a Roman-style bath, built by patients as it actually houses a rehab clinic. Usually, tourists cannot visit this place but once a year it's open for all. You can witness the most beautiful structures and art at this place which will turn your day astonishing.

Wong Nai Chung Reservoir

Seeking a relaxing day out with plenty of fish and ducks to feed or going for pedal boating then visit Wong Nai Chung Reservoir. The place will offer you everything you need for a soothing holiday, located next to the Parkview estate in Tai Tam, the reservoir, and an artificial lake. This place looks like an oasis in the middle of Hong Kong Island. You can bring your stiff tables here and enjoy your day in such relaxing surroundings.

  • For a relaxing picnic.
  • Located near Parkview estate in Tai Tam.
  • The place looks like an oasis.

Tai Tong Organic Ecopark

Many people are not aware that there are farms in Hong Kong, but there is a place Tai Tong Organic Ecopark, the most beautiful and attractive place where you can spend your entire day. The farm area is over 30 acres and offers a lot of things to explore, you can pick the strawberries or lychee. Moreover, for fun, there are activities like horse-riding, fishing, and BBQ as well as agricultural workshops.

Victoria Peak Garden

The Victoria Peak Garden is located in the lesser-traveled section; it is a perfect picnic spot with streams and plenty of shade. There are pergolas and pavilions dotted around the place. People visit here to enjoy their day with family and friends and carry all the eatables and things to enjoy in this garden. This garden once used to be a part of the Governor of Hong Kong's residence but now is open to all.

You can visit these beautiful hidden gems in Hong Kong and enjoy all that they have to offer. Therefore, browse for the best hotel and flight deals. Or call us at +88-09617-111-888 or email us: at [email protected].

By Rahat Muna

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