Top Tourist Attractions In Stockholm

Top Tourist Attractions In Stockholm

The list of things to do and see in Stockholm is pretty long. There are hundreds of attractions to choose from. If you are planning to visit Stockholm for the first time then things might get difficult for you because of obvious reasons. Therefore, to make things easier we have compiled a list of top tourist attractions in Stockholm that you cannot afford to miss.

Big and small; well-known, popular, and unique, with classics like the Vasa Museum and modern newbies like ABBA the Museum and Fotografiska. There is so much to do and see in this beautiful place. You can never actually get enough of the beauty that this place offers. Stockholm is often known as the Venice of the North which lies on a number of beautiful islands.

The list of famous attractions in Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is the perfect destination for those looking out for a mix of beauty and art. This Swedish capital is filled with both medieval buildings and lots of innovative contemporary architecture. Stockholm is one of Europe's wealthiest cities and a great place in which to spend time. Scroll down to know some of the must-visit places in Stockholm that are too beautiful to miss.

Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan, officially known as Staden Mellan Broama simply means "the town between the bridges". This place has many historic buildings that further include the Royal Palace, Stockholm Cathedral, and Den Glyden Freden, a restaurant that in business since 1722. And if you are a museum person then you will be happy to know that the noble museum is also located here.

Vasa Museum

The Vasa was basically a 17th-century warship that unfortunately sunk in the mid-voyage. After almost 300 years on the ocean floor, the ship was salvaged to become the only 17th-century almost-intact sailing ship ever preserved.  Today, it stars in the Vasa Museum which is one of the most –visited museums in the world.

Djugarden Island

It does not matter if you are looking out to visit forests or museums. Djugarden Island in central Stockholm is definitely a must-visit place. The island, which is accessible by foot, ferry, or bus attracts more than millions of people annually who come to relax at this most popular tourist attraction in Stockholm.

Well, the above-mentioned places should definitely be on your list. But there are some places like Stadshuset, Drottningholm Palace, Skansen Open air museum, Kungliga Slottet, etc. are some of the other places that you should not miss either to have the best time in this beautiful capital city of Sweden.

What is the best time to visit Stockholm?

The best time to visit Stockholm is anytime. This city will always welcome you with extreme charm and warmth all year round. However, if you want to experience the best then you should be visiting it in the summers. Though, summers are the most expensive time to visit because of the pleasant weather and long day summer lights. Average summertime highs range between 68 and 71 degrees Fahrenheit, with the hottest weather occurring in mid-July. So, if you are visiting Stockholm anytime soon, then considering these months will only help you enhance the fun of your trip.

The list of top hotels in Stockholm, Sweden

If you are planning to visit Stockholm anytime soon then there are chances that you might have also looked out for the hotels in the place. Well, finding hotels in a foreign land is quite a task to perform especially if you are a first-time visitor. Here, we have brought you the list of the top hotels including budget, luxury, business, etc. to choose any suitable one.

  • Haymarket by Scandic.
  • Nobis Hotel.
  • Loggers lodge.
  • Sandhamn Seglarhotell.
  • Grand Hotel.
  • Tree Hotel.
  • Hotel Rival.
  • Hilton Stockholm Slussen.
  • Freys hotel.

The emergency contact list in Stockholm, Sweden

  1. Swedish Police, Fire, Ambulance - 112.
  2. Poison control - 331 231 (after 17:00 call 112)
  3. Hospital directory - 171 000.
  4. Rescue and fire service - 540 4600.
  5. Electrical and telephone breakdown - 222 0700.
  6. Security - 222 0700.
  7. Industrial Health Service - 222 3280.
  8. Switchboard - 222 0000.

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