Tourist Attractions In Bern

Tourist Attractions In Bern

Bern is one of the most scenic cities in Switzerland that deserves all kinds of praises. It is extremely hard to imagine a more picturesque location than Bern. If you are here to find out the best tourist attractions in Bern then you have come to the right place. One cannot just visit Bern for once because of its immense beauty. So, here we have compiled the list of the best tourist places in Bern that are hard to miss.

The availability of various tourist places apart from the city's beauty is one of the major reasons why people are drawn to this city. Whether you are a science fan or an art lover you can find anything here to explore regardless of your age and interest. It also happens to be the beautiful capital of Switzerland that has historical and cultural roots.

Bern - Tourist places that you cannot miss

You are definitely going to need a lot of holidays in order to fully explore the places in Bern. It is an ideal travel spot for anyone be it family, friends, or colleagues. And if it is your first time in Bern, then you are sure to be amazed by its mesmerizing places. Scroll down below to know the most fun places to visit in Bern, Switzerland.


It is one of the oldest and the most charming town in Switzerland. Very little has been changed over the span of 500 years. Being the oldest and also possessing the centuries-old thing make this town one of the most interesting places to explore. This town is surrounded by the Aare River which makes it even more beautiful. Altstadt includes fountains from the 16th century and arcades from the 15th century which is a vision for history lovers.


If you want to skip the city's hustle and bustle and enjoy over the hills then Rosengarten is the right place for you. This urban park provides exceptionally beautiful views as it is located over a small hill above the main city. Here, you will get to explore more than 200 varieties of roses and other beautiful plants as well. Also, it can be a fun place for kids because of the presence of a park.

Federal Place

This is the place where the both Swiss Federal Academy and the Federal Council convene. It is one of the most important buildings in the country for obvious reasons. When the Parliament has no sessions to do, tourists can easily take tours of this beauty. You can also get the opportunity to look for the fountain located in the Bundesplatz square which is an attractive tourist place.


Bear pits have a huge role to play in Bern's history. According to the local people, the name Bern originated from the bear and they have played a great role in the city's history and culture. Bear Pits are no longer just pits that have bears on display but you can see them doing plenty of activities. The original bear pits were built in the 16th century and everyone from Einstein to Lenin peered at the animals for several years.

Top hotels in Bern

Most people end up spending a fortune on hotels and eventually get bad services in return. This is probably because of the reason that you might lack knowledge of how to book hotels properly. Therefore, here we have brought you the list of top hotels in Berlin that are worth giving a shot at.

  • Hotel Landhaus.
  • Holiday Inn Bern- Westside.
  • Best western hotelbern.
  • Hotel Allegro Bern.
  • Hotel Schweizerhof Bern & THE SPA

Emergency contact details in Bern, Switzerland

Most people tend to miss out on the most important things in a foreign land. You must always be prepared for anything especially when you are out of the country. Therefore, scroll down below to check out the emergency numbers in Bern.

  1. 117 and 112 are the international emergency numbers for police.
  2. Other emergency number is +41 31 634 41 11.
  3. Ambulance - 144.
  4. Fire Brigade - 118.

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