Tourist Attractions In Montreal

Tourist Attractions In Montreal

If history, beauty, and art define you then Montreal is your place to visit right now. There are tons of tourist attractions in Montreal that are totally worth a visit but you do not have that much time on a holiday. Therefore, for your convenience, we have compiled the list of the must-visit places in Montreal, Canada that you just cannot miss at any cost.

Right from the stunning landmarks, and museums to the nightlife and parks, Montreal has everything that is needed on a relaxing vacation. Montreal, in general, has a rich history as being the cosmopolitan hub of culture and international trade. Also, another fun fact about Montreal includes that it is the second largest French-speaking city after Paris.

The list of top Tourist attractions in Montreal, Canada

The city's charm and beauty will always keep you enthralled on your vacation. It is a perfect location for visiting with your loved ones. So, in case you are having a tough time choosing between the cities to visit first then do not look any further. We have here tried our best to prioritize the best locations for you to visit in Montreal, Canada. Scroll down below to check them all out.

Old Montreal

Old Montreal is one of the most famous places in Montreal that attracts tons of tourists and travelers every year. This place is famous among locals and tourists for all the good reasons. One amazing fact about this city is that it is the original site of the French's colonial origins. Below mentioned are all the fun things that you can do here in this old city.

  • Several boutiques and galleries are here that you can choose to relax in.
  • You can taste all the scrumptious food in the number of restaurants present here.

  • There is also plenty number of souvenir shops from where you can collect all the memorable things.

Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal

Notre Dame Basilica, located in Old Montreal is a historical and religious site that cannot be missed at any cost. It has a Gothic revival architectural style that represents an impressive religious craftsmen ship and art. It is a surreal place in every sense that will give you the utmost peace of mind from your hectic routines and work.

Olympic Stadium

This Olympic stadium was built for the 1976 summer Olympics. It is a multi-purpose stadium and because of this, it has become one of the most recognizable structures in the city. Both sports and non-sports lovers wish to come here and see the amazing architecture and infrastructure that it is. Nowadays, it is used to manage several shows, concerts, etc. that you can be a part of.

What is the best time to visit Montreal?

Montreal is a beautiful city that welcomes everyone with the same heart. You can just visit Montreal anytime, and it will welcome you with the same heart. But if you are a budget traveler and fancy lesser crowds, then you have to pick some of the best months. And the best time to visit Montreal is from March to May and from September to November. You will get decent hotel and flight rates that will give you the perfect affordable vacation or gateway from your mundane lives.

The list of best hotels in Montreal 2018

Unless and until you are a pro at booking hotels, anyone would cringe in doing this responsible task. You have to take care of everything possible to get your hands on the best hotel at the best price. So, here we have brought you the list of the top hotels that you can choose while on your trip to Montreal, Canada.

  • Ritz Carlton Montreal.
  • Hotel le St- James.
  • Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile.
  • Hotel Nelligan.
  • Hotel Le Crystal Montreal.
  • Hotel William Gray.


Traveling should always be a hassle-free process and we hope that the above-mentioned information might have helped you in picking the right tourist spot. Also, if you are now looking for flights, then straight away head to for the best deals and offers on the flights and hotels in Montreal.

By Rahat Muna

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