Top Secret Places To Visit In Sri Lanka

Top Secret Places To Visit In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, an island country in South Asia, is located in the Indian Ocean to the Southwest of the Bay of Bengal. This country offers beautiful, beaches, islands, and a lot to do and enjoy. Sri Lanka offers a variety of tour options from wildlife safaris to romantic gateways. The famous attractions of the country get filled with a number of tourists every year, visitors from all over the globe visit Sri Lanka in order to enjoy the things and places that Sri Lanka offers. But there are still some untouched locations where you can visit and connect to the beauty of Sri Lanka with its rich history. Scroll below to check out top secret places to visit in Sri Lanka.

Apart from the famous locations, there are some locations in Sri Lanka that are secret places that the tourists are unaware of. These hidden places are incredibly beautiful, cultural, and breathtakingly awe-struck. Without the crowd all around you can visit these gem places and enjoy the tour of Sri Lanka which will amaze you.

Top Secret Places To Visit In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is mugged with a number of famous tourist places, the country is well known for its islands and beaches. A number of tourists visit to enjoy the locations that Sri Lanka offers and a lot more to enjoy and do. But many visitors are unaware of secret places in Sri Lanka that offer beautiful scenarios and adventurous trips that will turn your entire vacation in Sri Lanka wonderful. Below are the top secret places to visit in Sri Lanka.


Jaffna has been untouched by the tourists who visited Sri Lanka, as the war lasted here for three decades. This place is amazingly beautiful and offers a lot of stuff. Being the home of a large percentage of Tamils, there are a number of vibrantly decorated Kovils/Hindu temples. It is a boat ride away from the islands that offer the best scenery. This place used to be the home to one of Asia's largest libraries that were burned in 1981. Elephant Pass War Memorial, Jaffna Fort, Nallur Kandaswamy Kovil, Nainativu Island, and Delft Island are some of the most interesting, adventurous, and beautifully stunning places you could explore in Jaffna.

Sinharaja Rainforest

Sinharaja(Lion King) is the last untouched rainforest in Sri Lanka occupying a good share of wetlands and with a diversity-rich ecosystem. You have to purchase the entry tickets here from the main forest department office. The jungle is cloaked by numerous rain clouds that restore soil with water. You will encounter and experience the endemic species of animals here while you walking through the forest which will definitely amaze you. The rocky trails and breathtaking waterfalls will feast your eyes. This forest is home to 147 species of birds.

  • The most thunderous rainforest.
  • With a number of species of animals and birds.
  • With wonderful waterfalls and rocky trails.

Jathika Namal Uyana (Ironwood Forest)

Sri Lanka is home to the rose quartz mountain range and the largest 7pink quartz mountain range in Asia of which people are not aware. This mountain range is situated amidst a large forest of endemic ironwood trees. Here you will get to enjoy a memorable hike along the well-maintained walking path shaded with a thick leafy canopy that filters all sunlight. You will see spectacular scenery with miles and miles of verdant greenery dotted by the lakes and fields.

Waulpane Cave

This Waulpane Cave also known as Legendary Rock Cave drive off Ratnapura is an adventurously stunning place to visit in Sri Lanka. This prehistoric limestone cave is proof of ten thousand years old civilizations. If you want to experience the thundering scenarios then this place serves the best. This cave has bats and rats all over it. Therefore, you should wear a raincoat top to make your way through it and eventually will arrive at a waterfall which will add more fun and joyful adventure to your journey.

  • The stunning cave to visit.
  • Offers an adventurous experience.
  • Bat-infested caves with beautiful waterfalls

Shark Point Reef

Sharkpoint reef is a few meters off Nilaveli beach where you can spot blacktip reef sharks. You will see the peaceful sharks here which do not attack humans in the water. Furthermore, if you want snorkeling here then the ideal period for it is from March to late October. The place will offer you a breathtaking experience of beautiful underwater background with an abundance of colorful corals and species of fish creating an awe-full scenario that will definitely impress one.

These are the wonderful secret places to visit in Sri Lanka that will amaze you with their adventurous scenarios. Make sure to visit these hidden places in Sri Lanka to add more fun to your vacations. Also, browse for the best hotel and flight deals. Or call us at +88-09617-111-888 or email us: at [email protected].

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