Top Places To Visit In Phuket

Top Places To Visit In Phuket

Planning to visit Thailand's largest island and arguably the most famous one? If yes, then the chances of you browsing the internet for the best tourist attractions in Phuket are high. It is one of the most famous attractions in the world that usually have billions of tourists every year. Therefore, here we will let you know about the top tourist attractions in Phuket.

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand that is roughly around 540 square kilometers in area. Blue waters, sandy beaches, spicy Thai cuisine, and excellent snorkeling and diving are all part of the charming appeal of this island. You can visit this island for both adventure and relaxation purposes with your family or loved ones.

The list of top tourist attractions in Phuket, Thailand

If this is your first time at this place, then there are chances of you wondering about the top fun things to do in Phuket. Well, apart from being a beautiful island, you can do a lot of interesting and fun things to do here. Here, we will let you know about the best attractions in Phuket that you can afford to miss at any cost.

Patong Beach

Patong is also referred to as the heart of Phuket Island. It is one of the longest beaches in Phuket and is also the most beautiful one. Thousands of people come here to get a break from their mundane lives. Below is the list of the things that you can do on this beach.

  • You can sit and adore the beauty of this beautiful beach.
  • This beach offers a lot of shopping areas that make it a perfect destination for shoppers around the world.
  • You can experience the best nightlife here on Patong beach.

Kata Beach

This is yet another beautiful beach with palm trees and a lush hillside at the ends. Though it is a little touristy, you can have the best time of your vacation here.  From the snorkeling spots to the nightlife and restaurants, you can have it all here.

Phuket Town

Phuket town is one of the most lively and bustling places in Phuket where millions of tourists gather to explore the beauty. You can find here a variety of hotels, restaurants, massage parlors, and other tourist attractions to visit. Make sure you do not forget to explore the streets of old Phuket town that are nothing but a sneak peek of the history of Phuket.

Where can you stay on Phuket Island for sightseeing?

By now, you are probably looking out for the best hotels in Phuket to stay in. Finding hotels is a task full of responsibility, as you have to take care of so many things. Now, when it comes to choosing hotels, everyone has different requirements and needs. Therefore, we have brought you a list of different types of hotels that you can choose to stay in.

  • If you are a budget traveler then hotels like summer breeze inn hotel, Tatum mansion, and Patong princess hotel will offer great value with amazing services.
  • Mid-range hotels including pen villa, Outrigger Laguna Phuket beach resort, etc. will offer you the best services at affordable rates.
  • And if you are a fan of luxury then hotels like Trisara Phuket, The Chava Resort, and Amari Phuket are sure to make your needs fulfilled.

Which is the best time to visit Phuket, Thailand?

The best time to visit Phuket is between November and April when weather conditions are ideal for beach activities, such as swimming, boating, and much more. The six months between May and October are monsoon season, and although accommodation prices are much lower this time of year, the water conditions can be dangerous. Therefore, if you are planning to visit Phuket then do consider these months in your planning.

Emergency contact details in Phuket

  • Tourist police: 1155
  • Ambulance (All Emergencies): 1669
  • Ambulance (Bangkok only): 1646
  • FIRE: 199
  • Highway Patrol: 1193

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