Maldives Trip From Bangladesh: Most Romantic Honeymoon Destination

Maldives Trip From Bangladesh: Most Romantic Honeymoon Destination

Looking for an exciting honeymoon with your spouse to the most romantic destination in the world? Then you’ve come to the right place. This blog will discuss all the information you need to know before your Maldives trip and help plan a fabulous trip for you. 

So, let’s start.

When Is The Best Time For Maldives Trip?

Maldives weather remains dry from November to April. So, the best time to visit the Maldives is in the dry season, from November to April. It is better if you avoid the peak season as the pricing is usually higher during that time. Bangladeshi budget travelers should pick March or April for a trip to the Maldives. You should spend at least 7 to 8 days in the Maldives if you want to cover all the spots.

How To Get There

Maldives visa processing is comparably easier than most countries. You won’t need any prior visa to visit the Maldives as a tourist. You will be granted an on-arrival visa after reaching the Maldives. Here’s a list of documents you need to carry with you during the trip:

Lots of airlines are offering daily direct flights to Maldives’ Velana International Airport (MLE). You can choose from US Bangla Airlines, Biman Bangladesh, Qatar Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Vistara, Turkish Airlines, and many more. It is ideal to book a return flight in advance if you want to get a cheap deal. Try to book the flights at least a month before your trip to save up to BDT 15,000-20,000. Check if there’s any discount offer available on the airlines. 

Dhaka to Male flight takes around 4-5 hours. After reaching the airport, you’ll have to pass through immigration and take a speedboat or ferry to your Maldives hotel. The ferry station is right beside the airport.

Where To Stay In Maldives

The Maldives is called the country of a thousand islands. There are around 1200 islands in the Maldives. Among them, some are public islands where citizens reside along with tourists and some are private islands that are exclusive tourist spots. 

After reaching the Maldives, stay in Hulhumale for 1 or 2 days. It is just 4-5 km from Male city. The best hotels in Hulhumale are:

Most travelers prefer to stay on Maafushi Island for 2-4 days. Maafushi is a public island in the Maldives. Here, you can explore and participate in all the amazing water sports. But we will get to that later. 


Here are the best hotels on Maafushi Island that you can stay in:

When in the Maldives, you must experience the overwater cottage or bungalows on the private islands. These high-end private islands are mainly operated as luxury resorts that will cost you a fortune but are totally worth it. You’ll have to reach these islands by speedboat or seaplane.

Some famous luxury resorts on private islands are:

Things To Do In Maldives

  • Male city is spotless and beautiful. The beach is pretty. You can explore Hulhumale and Male City on foot. Also, do some window shopping in Male city. 

  • In Maafushi Island, try snorkeling with sharks, dolphins, and turtles, scuba diving in the deep ocean, or parasailing with your loved one. Snorkeling with sharks will surely be one of the highlights of your trip so don’t forget to try it!

  • Private islands also offer these sports but are a bit costly compared to Maafushi Island. That’s why tourists prefer Maafushi to enjoy these water sports, relax in the hotel, or take long strolls on the beach.

  • Whatever private island you choose to stay on, it will be a wonderful experience for sure. The luxury resorts in Maldives provide top-notch service and the most beautiful views. The azure-colored sea will take your breath away. 

  • If you stay in an overwater bungalow, you’ll get spectacular views of the sunrise or sunset. The bungalows usually have in-build pools or jacuzzis. You can get the “Breakfast in Pool” service to show it off on your Instagram.

  • Maldives is the most picturesque country you’ll ever see. So take lots of pictures and enjoy your honeymoon with the love of your life. 

What To Eat In Maldives

All the hotels and resorts you’ll stay in will provide complimentary buffet breakfast so don’t forget to eat to your heart’s content.

When on Maafushi island, find Bangladeshi restaurants for lunch and dinner because you might not want to eat the local food. Just ask any Bangladeshi and they will show you where you can find one. The Maldives is full of Bangladeshis and most of the hotel staff there are Bangladeshi. So it won’t be a problem to find a Bangladeshi in the Maldives.

You will have to buy your lunch and dinner from the in-house restaurant when on a private island resort. The food is spectacular but the prices are expensive. 

How Much Does Maldives Trip Cost?

We won’t lie. Your Maldives trip is going to be an expensive one. So, Maldives trip cost for couples looks something like this:

Flight Tickets Cost: 

  • Two DAC-MLE-DAC Return air tickets - around 85,000 to 1,15,000 Tk. (Book your tickets at least a month before your travel in order to get the cheapest deal) 

Hulhumale Cost:

  • Male airport to Hulhamale transport cost - 450tk (taxi). 

  • Room rent for two nights - 15,000 Tk

  • Food - 10,000 Tk

  • Male city exploration and sim card purchase cost - 8,000 Tk

Maafushi Island Costs:

  • Hulhumale to Male airport transport cost - 450Tk (taxi)

  • Male to Maafushi Island transport cost - 5000Tk (speedboat)

  • Room rent for 2 nights - 16,000Tk

  • Food - 10,000Tk

  • Water activities - 35,000Tk

  • Covid test for two people - 8,500Tk

Private Island Resort Cost:

  • Room rent per night - around 1,00,000Tk (transport included)

  • Food - 50,000Tk

  • Maafushi to Male Return Transport - 5,000Tk

So, the total cost of your Maldives trip will be around 4,00,000Tk.

Some cost-effective tips for your Maldives trip

  • Ferries are the cheapest transportation option in the Maldives. So try using ferries on the airport-Hulhumale-airport route to save money.

  • When on Maafushi Island, save on food costs by eating at Bangladeshi restaurants/dine-ins. Bangladeshi people living there cook Bangladeshi food for the hotel staff and residents. They charge local prices for Bangladeshi tourists.

  • Don’t try water sports in private resorts, they’ll cost much more than on Maafushi Island.

  • Don’t exchange your money at the airport or any money exchanger in the Maldives. Try to exchange your money from Bangladesh and carry it with you. 


So, we hope we have answered all your questions regarding your Maldives trip from Bangladesh. Don’t hesitate to contact us regarding DAC to MLE flight booking or any other information.

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